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  1. dimension-1hacker

    "save the right", my response, "safe spaces for people that ... about safe spaces" and equal rights for conservatives.

    Our Cartoon President - Season 2 - Free Online Movies & TV Shows at Gomovies watch the first five minutes note - no person has any right to call me a "libtard", snowflake, or "george soros pawn", "lib troll", "fool apposed to equal rights". I am not a democrat, I am not a republican, I am not...
  2. dimension-1hacker

    best videos

    Descartes Meditation V: Of the essence of material things, and again, of God, that He exists. Descartes Meditation VI: Of the existence of material things, & the distinction between mind & body Can Yogis Learn to Time Travel? | Sadhguru perhaps, the mind is what defines the external as...
  3. dimension-1hacker

    apple, fb, microsoft, zm, spot, tesla, nvidia, ge, amzn and so on, all going up past and beyond

    I predicted the dows, 28600, the 300's and the 500s past, doubters, look up the current stock prices, look up statistical technical analysis
  4. dimension-1hacker

    Buy birth certificate to buy SSN to get job

    I am asking for help because I have no source of income and no way to get a source of income, as my parents are refusing to give my my social security number, birth certificate, and Massachusetts ID card. They want me to live with them instead of making my own way in life. All donations will be...
  5. dimension-1hacker

    abortion debate, death penalty debate, me versus other,

    Is the "pro life" opinion "logical"? abortion debate The Death Penalty
  6. dimension-1hacker

    trump never build a physical "majestic steel carved wall to keep out starving people fleeing from war torn countries to liberty, its in ourheartsfolks

    They do most of the jobs we do not want to do and as a result create much more but we ungrateful savages say they are stealing our jobs that we would not do anyways. How dare we keep the status qou third world countries while ranting about our "jobs being stolen" by "rapists" and never take a...
  7. dimension-1hacker

    quantum mechanics the study of substance which determines existence, which in turn determines methods for time travel

    A bit of understanding, or a bit of philosophy. One cannot know how to timetravel or even the methods without understanding what a basic unit of substance is. could occur by chance though @QPN @Hilton.P @Einstein train of thought, creative, for something to be the way it is and the space...
  8. dimension-1hacker

    benefits of eating 8 servings of fermented fruit and vegetables every day?

    The gut contains around 100 trillion bacteria and depending on the health level determines what you feel and part of your temp IQ, and how much you either age or do not age. Many societies in the past fermented most of their food, but today most people consider just eating 3 servings of fruit...
  9. dimension-1hacker

    What do you think will happen in the near and far out future?

    Will aliens invade the planet, will global warming wipe out most people, will the lack of long term sustaniable farming techniques cause mass famine, will most people be living in underground bunkers, will a biological weapons made by in a basement kill the human race, will super bacteria and...
  10. dimension-1hacker

    I noticed that whenever I sniff somebody grunts, changes their body language and sometimes sniffs back. Has anybody here experienced that?

    I have observed this occurring thousands of times and sometimes I ask the person "you sniffed, do you have a cold, are you alright?", and the person usually responds "I never did that no I do not". Most people are not aware of the occurences that causes their body language to change and most of...
  11. dimension-1hacker

    What is consciousness?

    What is consciousness; some people assume that the brain is consciousness but how? Well two neurons collide to produce an interaction nothing other then the interaction occurs, so consciousness's is not produced by the neurons interacting within a neural net. Consciousness is not the neurons...
  12. dimension-1hacker

    Can somebody help me time travel a year or two into the past, my techniques are not completed yet.

    know that based off certain data, most people on this forum are not time travelers and the ones that claim they are lied, I am fed up about a situation that I am in. any help would be appreciated, preferable, would like the time travel method to be frequency based so could be generate a portal...
  13. dimension-1hacker

    government and big farma coverup, cure for corona virus; "eat fermented foods and exersize"

    How many people have died and become very sick from the corona virus shows the sorry state of health in the US and throughout the world. Peoples immune system strength is determined mostly by getting all the daily servings of vitamins, eating lots of fermented foods like fermented beets and...
  14. dimension-1hacker

    Like my article about corrupt politicians, corrupt judicial system, corperate pawns, cover ups, the system limiting free thought. fight fire with fire

    Author: Rick Sanchez dX medium trump is a boon for democracy fight corruption with corruption, fight fire with fire and each burns out!
  15. dimension-1hacker

    I know how to time travel what should i do?

    I know how to time travel, not using HDR's or other methods I do not know works. The concept is buried in a few lines of proofs for relativity, if you have enough creativity and intellect to determine the method think about it. The theory of relativity proves that the concept is logical...
  16. dimension-1hacker

    does free will exist?

    There are only 3 possible ways your action can originate: 1) When you have reasons for your action - then the action is the result of those reasons. 2) When you don't have reasons for your action - then the action is unintentional. 3) Your action can be the result of a combination of 1) and...
  17. dimension-1hacker

    tesla going to break through the 650 barrier, buy options contracts!

    tesla going up now