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  1. MartyMcNugget06.

    Back to the future 1985. Original first draft.

    My last few posts have been serious so why not post something fun and interesting and somewhat cringe as well.
  2. MartyMcNugget06.

    Why civilization will end in 20 to 40 years.

    deforestation and resource consumption are declining at an alarming level. this will culminate in a catastrophic collapse in human population and the irreversible collapse of our civilization in the next 20 to 40 years. There is simply nothing we can do accept prepare for it. There’s no...
  3. MartyMcNugget06.

    The Honest truth about time travel that some may not want to hear.

    I’ve always wanted to go to my own parallel or desired universe. Well… that’s too bad I’m still here and so are the rest of you. Time travel just ain’t happening Jack simple as that. While the idea of time travel or having technology to do it is fascinating.. the truth is we are a long long...
  4. MartyMcNugget06.

    For fun..

    Any hardcore football or sports fans in general on this forum? What If you could go back and change history? Your team lost the Super Bowl but in an alternate universe they won it? Or You go to another universe where Michael Jordan doesn’t play basketball… and doesn’t prevent your team...
  5. MartyMcNugget06.

    What’s your opinion on reality shifts and astral projection?

    What’s you guys opinion on reality shifts and astral projection? I’m just going to say it right now everyone is entitled to their opinion. However I don’t believe astral nor reality shifting. Besides wouldn’t it all just be a dream anyway? You wouldn’t really be there you would just...
  6. MartyMcNugget06.

    What do you think happened to Dr David Lewis Anderson??

    What do you think happened to Dr David Lewis Anderson?
  7. MartyMcNugget06.

    Another fun one?

    you went to or created a parallel universe where you are a great martial artist. Bruce lee is still alive. And he offers for you to be his partner in a tag team tournament. What would your response be? I mean it should be obvious. A. I only fight solo. B. Hell yeah let’s kick some ass...
  8. MartyMcNugget06.

    For fun.

    Say you had a friend named Tom in the 80s. Tom was a punk rocker and had long hair. Tom always feared about going bald. You create a parallel universe you keep everything the same. As it was… yada yada.. Except of course… his hair…. You make him bald… Turns out being bald to him...
  9. MartyMcNugget06.

    Just for fun. Okay maybe not.

    What if parallel universes existed. And you chose to go to a universe were you are dating the girl of your dreams. You have alot of money. Perhaps your even somewhat famous. But Then a few years later it all comes crashing down. She dumps you. Your status is dipping. And your going broke.
  10. MartyMcNugget06.


    If parallel universes existed. What universe would you want to go to and why?
  11. MartyMcNugget06.

    What’s the difference?

    What would be the difference between a parallel universe vs an alternate universe?
  12. MartyMcNugget06.

    Parallel universes

    If parallel universes existed, would it possible that someone could go to their desired universe in the past or future.
  13. MartyMcNugget06.

    Time control?

    If someone were to time travel would it be possible for them to manipulate or change things the way they want them to be. Now this could be both good and bad depending on the person and what they wanted. Basically what I’m saying is time control. If you don’t get it.
  14. MartyMcNugget06.


    Is it possible to travel back in time to make yourself a kid again. Like say someone is 25. They wanna be 16 or 17 again. Or the opposite, someone is younger and wants to make themselves older. That also brings up the question do you remain the same age if you time travel? Let me know...
  15. MartyMcNugget06.

    The true equation that will crack time travel someday.

    Please note this article just explains that there would be a possible way. It did not say that a full on machine has been built. I understand this article is old. But I wanted to share it. Germain Tobar is a good friend of mine. We chat through email often. Tobar has came up with...
  16. MartyMcNugget06.

    Time travel scam artists.

    For years. 2 men have been scamming and conning people claiming to have a working time machine. Ronald mallet. Scott lee cupp. While the idea of time travel is fascinating it will never happen anytime soon. What we need to do is stop falling for these scams. I certainly didn’t fall for...