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    My son heard me tell him to come downstairs, but I wasn't home!

    wow thats creepy as either some ghost is haunting you or your have a share illusing this happens by 1 person hearing it then they say they heard it and then everyone elses mind makes them think they heard it to not saying thats happening to you its just a possibility but that is pretty creepy
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    Ghost never exist

    I actually agree with this guy unless I can see some really hardcore evidence then Im with this guy on this
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    Classified Nasa Photo Released

    This forum is NUTS not like crazy but lol it really gets ur mind thinking
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    Time Travel Experiments

    What is a HDR?
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    Ufo Virgin Mary

    lmao Depends on your opinion personally the contact to the heavens is a reference about talking to God spiritually but really does depend on your opinion I dont mind hearing others its a nice theory
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    Do you believe that time travel is possible?

    Im not going to say it is possible but it could be, there are so many theories its hard to make up your mind and then you also have the grandfather paradox which makes you even more confused.
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    Hey Guys Tomaso88 Here

    Hey Guys Tomaso88 here chances are if you have seen this username some where before it was me. So found this site using postloop seems pretty interesting so I'll give it a good look around
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    Who Is Anonymous?

    lmao is this the real anonymous or some one pretending to be?