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  1. FarOutThere

    Your Dalle2 Prompts

    I was invited into Dalle2 🤩 If anyone has any cool text prompts that you would like me to try, you could leave them here and I will try to get them done within 24 hours after they are posted.
  2. FarOutThere

    Dalle2 - john titor with his time machine

    Generated by Dalle2 at my request, It was worth a shot. :D They are interesting, but don't have too much Titor specific details.
  3. FarOutThere

    Strange HDR Build

    I saw this post to the Facebook group. Hopefully more information soon. I don't think it's a Gibbs unit.
  4. FarOutThere

    Jim Girouard (HDR Origin Story) - Various Interviews

    Found this just now. :geek: Brad Johnson interviews Jim Girouard, creator of the Hyperdimensional Resonator (a device that enables out of body time travel) and founder of the Dice Divination method. Also Jim has a website, with the Time Travel 1985 book download, lost it for the moment...
  5. FarOutThere

    When Time Travel Becomes Possible [Steven Gibbs Docs]

    Here are a few files, some of which may not have been posted before. The HDR is so much more than it appears, even beyond what its inventor envisioned. Behind the apparent absurdity and the obvious tall tales, an even greater reality remains, for the future to unravel.
  6. FarOutThere

    Steven Gibbs Sonic Resonator

    The Sonic Resonator is said to have been given to Steven Gibbs in 1981. Gibbs the upgraded the device, leading to the HDR in 1985. Was the Sonic Resonator ever sold by Gibbs as a time travel device? Does anyone have one? Do any exist in the wild? Are there any other details going around that...
  7. FarOutThere

    Strange Magazine 15 (1995) Steven Gibbs Followup

    Hi Chrononerds :eek: In Issue 15, 1995, Strange Magazine issued a followup to their interview with Steven Gibbs from Issue 14. These comments may be of interest to some. Closeup of pics Comments from Mark Chorvinsky (Interviewer, editor) o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:coffee::coffee::coffee:
  8. FarOutThere

    History of the HDR Instruction Manual

    I'm throwing this out there in case anyone knows anything. Any old timers, perhaps. A PDF is floating around of the HDR Manual. It's great, it's fine! (y) Does anyone know if this has always been the manual? Was there ever a different manual? Was anything ever changed?
  9. FarOutThere

    Audio or Linear Tapered Potentiometers in the HDR?

    I measured the pots in my old HDR, and as best I can tell they appear to be audio tapered in their resistance. also shows, under the parts list, 100k Audio tapered, although mine have 50k. HDR Parts List Does anyone know if there is reasoning behind why Audio tapered pots are...
  10. FarOutThere

    Radioshack Online Store

    Is it just me, or is everything useful in the Radioshack online store 'out of stock'. By some miracle I was able to order some capacitors a few months back (the blue ones), and they sent me wrong and different ones. They aren't even blue! I guess they were out of stock after all. :ROFLMAO:
  11. FarOutThere

    Steven Gibbs Interviews [Complete List]

    This is a complete list of all publicly available interviews with Steven Gibbs, the inventor of the HDR. Coast to Coast AM Appearances Date Show Guests Listen and Download 1997-JAN-13 Coast to Coast AM w/ Art Bell Steven Gibbs, Callers - Art Bell Collection 1998-MAR-09 Coast...
  12. FarOutThere

    Looking to buy 1990's Hyper Dimensional Resonator HDR

    If anyone has an older type HDR (Mid to late 1990's preferred) and are willing to part with it for a reasonable or semi-reasonable (or semi-excessive) price, send me private message ASAP!
  13. FarOutThere

    Bank Notes From Alternate Universe [Pic]

    Recently I came into possession of a large collection of rare documents and files relating to Steven Gibbs and the HDR. One item among them was an image titled I feel like I have vaguely heard these referenced before, perhaps on a radio show. Don't spend them all at once. :ROFLMAO:
  14. FarOutThere

    Time Travel via hyperdimenional resononator w/ Stephen Gibbs & Avery

    By chance I saw this randomly come up on Twitter. It looks like a new Interview with Steven Gibbs. o_O
  15. FarOutThere Time Travel Reports

    Chrononerds! o_O Has anyone bought any reports from recently? Time Reports Steven Gibbs I am curious because I ordered a few weeks ago and was wondering if there was any chance that I would receive them... ever. I did have low expectations and am prepared to wait, but will it...
  16. FarOutThere

    Steven Gibbs TV Interview Found From 2003

    This interview turned up in my travels. Gibbs comes on the phone around 10 minutes in. Time Travel - Aage Nost - Hidden Truths Aage Nost was also a guest in the 1998 Art Bell interview with Steven Gibbs and related his future time travel experience to 7/7/1999.
  17. FarOutThere

    Bar Magnets Included with the HDR?

    I am curious what bar magnets were originally included with the HDR. Does anyone have a photo or information about the specific magnets provided? Or how many there were?
  18. FarOutThere

    Does the HDR perfboard have a Copper Backplate?

    Hi Chrononerds, I remember seeing somewhere there was a copper plate attached to the back of the perf board. Does anyone have details on this, or what years SG may have been adding this feature?
  19. FarOutThere

    HDR Electromagnet Power Draw

    Hi Chrononerds, Has anyone with a HDR unit measured how many watts is being used by the Electromagnet? Or made such calculations based on the schematics? :coffee: Just curious...
  20. FarOutThere

    Any way to see all posts in a thread on one page?

    Is there a 'print mode' or a way to display all posts in a thread on a single page? This would be useful to me. o_O