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  1. Traveler7

    Whenever i have a nightmare my cat is next to me

    Hello, it s been a Long Time since i came here. I would like to talk to you about my experience And maybe have some theories about what is happening because it s really weird ! So like the title explain, whenever i woke up because of a nightmare, i see my cat next to me, on the floor next to my...
  2. Traveler7

    This image has healing potential

    thanks i will try it and tell you if it will have some positive effects on me. Best regards, Traveler7
  3. Traveler7

    How would it be like to have a girlfriend from another planet?

    Kids must be beautiful looking if they are half human, if it's a female alien from the movie "alien" i don't think so :ROFLMAO:
  4. Traveler7


    Yes indeed. But Even if everything Changes around us. If you grow older. This moment is the same as yesterday. Second does not exist. Who knows time is maybe a brain construction. The schema s of the mental mind. Everything you see externally is a product of the internal mind. But this moment...
  5. Traveler7

    50 years today, man set off to land on the Moon..Did it really happen?

    There is also a conspiracy in the moon about an alien girl who was found on a ship for the mission Appolo 20, it's surely an hoax but it's still interesting even if it's one. Secret Apollo 20 Mission Found Alien Girl On The Moon In 1976
  6. Traveler7

    Time Travel without memory

    This is called reincarnation in time or this kind of thing make me remember of the film total recall for some reason.
  7. Traveler7

    OA - a show about alternate dimensions

    Yes maybe ! and also did you see the end of the season 2? prairie just travelled in another dimension which is in fact the reality ! our reality ! they made a show ! i was shocked !
  8. Traveler7

    OA - a show about alternate dimensions

    i saw all of it and it's really good ! the movements from the show look like the movements from carlos castenada. you can see a book about that. that every movement has a positive effect on the body.
  9. Traveler7

    Did you already quantuum time travelled?

    Maybe people are experimenting things on these machines because they believe so much that something will happen to them, my theory is that these machines can have a placebo effect. me too i don't know if this is really working for real. i agree with you
  10. Traveler7

    Did you already quantuum time travelled?

    Steven Gibbs talks about quantuum travel in his reports, he says that this kind of time travel method is like to be or waking up in your same body but in a different parallel universe ( earth). in the past, in the future or present. It can be like the feeling someone can have whe he is lucid...
  11. Traveler7

    Shadow Person Sighting

    Yes it would be great to know if he is still seing them ! i personnaly think that it's possible thanks to alcohol to see them, even some people who are dealing with schizophrenia are telling that they can see some things that others cannot. The story you are telling is quite similar to the story...
  12. Traveler7

    How to easily win the lottery ? Book : Living of love "The Messenger" By Klaus J. Joehle

    i live in france, i will do it these days and i will tell you the results, don't worry.(y)
  13. Traveler7


    i think that time is a succession of the same present moment, the past has been the present moment, the future will come and be the present moment.
  14. Traveler7

    How to easily win the lottery ? Book : Living of love "The Messenger" By Klaus J. Joehle

    So this book is talking about the experiences about Money and Love of the author, first of all his desire is to become rich thanks to a technique of meditation that which allow him to see what the results of tomorrows sports lottery will be. He was successfull ! There is not just money that...
  15. Traveler7

    Extraordinary Healing

    I put the new link don't worry ;)
  16. Traveler7

    Hello How are you? long time no see ! Did you do something with stm? let me know your results...

    Hello How are you? long time no see ! Did you do something with stm? let me know your results. for me it didn't work i didn't build it because of exams and also i did not have all compenents that i needed
  17. Traveler7

    Shadow Person Sighting

    Your welcome it's a pleasure ! i have a lot to practice lol but thank you ! Your french seems also quite good ! i'm sure ! i think it's the meditation that allowed you to see the shadows, well done ! I have other informations too about them if you want : They can put some sort of astral...
  18. Traveler7

    Extraordinary Healing

    Thank you so much ! Here is the new link to the pdf of the book. I hope that it can help some people To heal themselves enjoy ...
  19. Traveler7


    ;) Welcome !