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  1. steven chiverton

    Media YouTube videos about time travelers

    heres for the paranormalis cant find a better place for this so help yourself num7
  2. steven chiverton

    vibrational energy experience

    it was around 11 past 2 in the morning ive woken and had been to the toilet and was back in bed with my eyes closed waiting to drift back off to sleep when i was alerted by what felt like the whole top cover of my bed was vibrating i sat my head up but it had already stopped before i could do...
  3. steven chiverton

    mystery creatures called pixies in the town of Winton in the uk

    if ive got the name of the town right this man Erwin sanders films these and they are incredible heres a link to one of his videos take a look at the ancient looking rock structures and what's carved on the outside walls nothing like you see on ancient aliens , ive emailed them and dropped them...
  4. steven chiverton

    the greystone eincident

    dose anyone have any information of this apart from whats in the video of this
  5. steven chiverton

    psb7 spirit radio mystery

    this interesting itc research device like all other radios should have at least some manufacturer details on it and examining my psb7 spirit radio i find no details whats so ever on who made it only that a distribution incorporation distributes it and upon looking up das incorporation online...
  6. steven chiverton

    invisible bigfoot

    The Bizarre Tale of Invisible Bigfoot at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory | Mysterious Universe
  7. steven chiverton

    missing frenquencies

    i have nch tone generator i bought online and downloaded it and it works fine so i can hear all the tones and frequencies so i try to set it to specific frequencies like 528 and 529 but no matter how finely i move the slider it wont get 528 and 529 hertz i can get 527 and if i move the slider...
  8. steven chiverton

    marshall barnes and the steven gibbs hyper dimensional resonator

    dose anyone have any information as to what the time travel expert marshall barnes says about steven gibbs hyper dimensional resonator i like to know what he has to say about it both positive and negative comments etc
  9. steven chiverton

    alien structures

    The So-Called Alien Megastructure Just Got Even More Mysterious
  10. steven chiverton

    Steven Gibbs Reports

    has anyone in the whole forum got a copy of steven gibbs report ten the tenth key to the riddle of time , i brought this book along with report 6 from gibbs, and never recived any of them in the mail. i've tried to contact hdr kid who i think is in contact with gibbs, to try find out if i can...
  11. steven chiverton

    CIA Remote Viewing Manual

    CIA Remote Viewing Manual
  12. steven chiverton

    Schematics PX and HDR Schematics + Info

    Last pages are in the second post below.
  13. steven chiverton

    steven gibbs time reports

    this is where i buy all my information from steven gibbs from and have a wealth of new knowledge to read and learn from. Time Reports Steven Gibbs
  14. steven chiverton

    time travel and vanishing mysteries

    heres an interesting one Mystery Of Sid Hurwich And His Time-Altering Machine That Could "Freeze Time" |
  15. steven chiverton

    quartz crystals used in the hdr witness well and super beacon

    well i have a number of clear cut quartz crystals same ones that can be used in the hdr witness well and the super beacon, we all know that quartz when stressed creates a charge but what is not yet known until late last night that it also creates a high pitched or high frequency sound so low...
  16. steven chiverton

    time tavel books and information for reading

    I've brought a few time travel books some from Steven Gibbs and one or 2 from Patricia ress and another from someone else but the book I've been chasing and is not even on sale at neither e bay is the Patricia ress book title dangerous information , there's mention of this book on...
  17. steven chiverton

    hyper dimensional resonator electromagnet

    this is one of a number of things needed for the hyper dimensional resonator said to be 7 layers of 21 awg=21 American wire gauge wire. on a 7 inch long core, I've made a number of them but I used a 8 inch long core and I made pvc spacers to space the coil for the length of 7 inches this way...