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    Debate (YouTube Title) It's Reality! First Ever Parallel Universe Has Finally Been Discovered!

    Perhaps, there is not one universe. Instead, there are many. There is talk of an earth two quite similar to our own. Personally, I hope the Elon Musk creates a self-driving car. However, it might end up...

    Old painting seems to show smartphone----old news but still of interest

    It looks a lot like an old school cell phone, but time will tell as we see. There are some people who say that time is money. However, I am not so sure.

    A hot, deadly summer is coming with frequent blackouts worldwide?

    The day before yesterday I paid $5.25 per gallon for gasoline to put fuel in my pickup truck and things will get even worse. What can we see? Basically, gas prices are crazy. Already, I have to drive around to find gas. Shortages are common. Biden blames Putin and the Ukraine war. I do not think...

    New York band cryptocurrency miners

    New Yor bans cryptocurrency miners... from operating their rigs. This seems to me... like a first step before they make illegal all alternative currencies. Oh yes, they are blaming carbon emmissions. All this talk about global warming...

    Time does not exist?

    The latest theory is that time does not exist.

    Steven Gibbs passed away

    Steven Gibbs house is for sale.

    Global Aether Tide and HDR

    I think it has been harder to use my HDR unit during this time, but that could just be me. After all, opening a dimensional doorway is not so easy.

    Are you guys prepared for WW3?

    Maybe, they will send Major Kong over.

    gas prices

    Here are gas prices now. My prediction is that they will go up some more.
  10. HDRKID

    End of the free world... It has began...

    Fellow colleagues, we are running out of time. In fact, we could be headed into another dark age. Debunkers claim that everything is fine and that nothing bad can occur. I wish they were right, and I was wrong.
  11. HDRKID


    This is close to what you would see... like if you went back to the 40's in a time machine. Do notice that the people dress funny with suits and ties and hats - wow. It is similar to being inside an old movie. Also, look at the ancient automobiles we see. Yeah, it feels like an interesting...
  12. HDRKID

    Prediction aliens appear & other events in 2022

    I do not believe that any of his predictions will come true, but time will tell as we say.
  13. HDRKID

    Religion + aliens + fallen angels

    Hi Walt: A few years ago, I saw three grays. They were scary. I prayed to Jesus to help me. Suddenly, all three disappeared like a puff of smoke even. I remember the first time I was with aliens was when I was six. I was so excited that I told other people - big mistake! It was the tall blond...
  14. HDRKID

    Religion + aliens + fallen angels

    Hi Oakfield: There is so much we can talk about. Have you ever been off world? Here is a video by Dr. Steven Greer on techniques for remote viewing.
  15. HDRKID

    Religion + aliens + fallen angels

    This video explores the connection of religion and aliens.
  16. HDRKID

    Titanic sunk on purpose?

    Here is another theory for you. Titanic sunk on purpose.
  17. HDRKID

    Queen Elizabeth I was a man?

    This conspiracy theory is scary. Well, here it is. Her father Henry the VIII, sent her to a small town when the plague was raging. Elizabeth died and town people replaced her with a local boy. The rest is history as we see.
  18. HDRKID

    Never saw it coming?

    To Road: My suggestion is that you learn remote viewing. The investment for you is at a minimum. All you need is a pencil and a few pieces of paper. The information is free on the internet at no cost to you. Then you will see the limitations of seeing other places in time and space.
  19. HDRKID

    Time Travel Radio Dramas

    I can tell you of some of my adventures using an HDR.
  20. HDRKID

    Octopus from space

    There is a theory that the octopus is an alien from outer space. Hey, I know this sounds like onion news. Well, here we go.