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  1. Einstein

    Have any of you guys been to another dimension, or other odd place which didn't seem to belong in our world?

    I have a suspicious feeling that there is no Mandela effect. Just chock it up to the liberal left trying to distort and redefine the truth.
  2. Einstein

    Can anyone please explain what's ORMUS?

    Last year the definition of Ormus was just the monoatomic version of any element. But apparently the definition keeps changing. So far all I hear is just unverifiable claims.
  3. Einstein

    I am From 2030

    Hi Darby Just the usual drive-by hoaxers. Although there was a guy a while back that did pass my time traveler test.
  4. Einstein

    How to Build the Hyper Dimensional Resonator? (With photos and schematics/plans)

    The caduceus coil is underneath the rubbing plate section of the HDR.
  5. Einstein

    I am From 2030

    Sure. I have a time traveler test for you. The test is just to test your veracity. "What is the answer to the question I haven't asked you yet?"
  6. Einstein

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    I believe the ones sold on eBay are built to work on a vehicles power supply. You would need to acquire a 12 volt power supply if you choose to operate the radio on house current.
  7. Einstein

    The Kilogram is dead

    If you've followed my posts in the past, you would know that I am not a believer in the concept of mass. Mass is just an imaginary substance created for the sole purpose of balancing an equation. The entirety of our science is built on the concept of mass. So in reality we actually know nothing...
  8. Einstein

    The Kilogram is dead

    This was an interesting video. I had no idea that so many constants are actually not constant at all. And mass doesn't appear to be stable at all.
  9. Einstein

    Help Me Paranormalis Fam - Rife & Alternative Healing for DIPG (Brain)

    I would suggest exposing your cousin to the five food groups. Anything outside those food groups should not be consumed. That cuts out about 80% of what is available in the grocery store. Processed food is a big culprit along with carbonated sugary drinks. My rule is if it comes in a box, bag...
  10. Einstein

    Worth A Thousand Words

    Here's mine.
  11. Einstein

    Temporal Agent from a distance future

    Sure. Harriet, what is the current answer to the question I haven't asked you yet?
  12. Einstein

    Conspiracy Theorists Ask the Question — Are Suspicious Packages a False Flag Operation?

    It's all a game of lies. The best liars win the votes. Could be the left is trying to drum up a little sympathy for their greed for power. It might have worked if those pipe bombs had done their job. Just sacrifice a few bad apples and the rest of the democratic party doesn't look so bad.
  13. Einstein

    Temporal Agent from a distance future

    Your post reminded me of a woman from the future from the original Time Machine movie. She is blond. Go ahead and bang away to your hearts content.
  14. Einstein

    What Is the most important thing you've learned researching?

    Captain Crunch or Cap'n Crunch! Our reality is not as real as we are led to believe.
  15. Einstein

    Temporal Agent from a distance future

    You did fail the time traveler test. Probably because I never gave you the test. You haven't said anything believable yet.
  16. Einstein

    I have a question.

    Have you figured out how to alter your path through time?
  17. Einstein

    The FBI Mysteriously Close New Mexico Observatory

    Sure. Everyone has an opinion. But I do believe the FBI cover story is also a lie. They have a history of lying to the American people. The only real fact I see is that the Observatory was closed down and unmanned for a window of time.
  18. Einstein

    The FBI Mysteriously Close New Mexico Observatory

    Do you actually believe this? Personally I don't believe in Nibiru. People make stuff up all the time.
  19. Einstein

    The FBI Mysteriously Close New Mexico Observatory

    Here is the latest I could find on the ET invasion fleet.