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  1. titorite

    gas prices

    Tell that to the weatherman!
  2. titorite

    gas prices

    It does depend on the region you know. Judging from that gasoline price im gonna wager that photo is from Texas. Am I right? Here in upstate NY gasoline is teetering at between 2.79 and 2.89 depending on where you go... seen it as high as 2.92 in the owner run non corporate stations.
  3. titorite

    I am From 2030

    That is exactly what is happening AlphaZero AI beats champion chess program after teaching itself in four hours Alpha Zero taught itself how to play chess and can consistently defeat Deep Blue. Deep Blue follows a program, set choices. Alpha Zero picked up on this dissected it and lost...
  4. titorite

    Why we haven't found alien life yet

    If we aint found aliens then how do we know they look like little greys? Checkmate.
  5. titorite

    I am From 2030

    AI is already a reality in this time period. I can see this aint a subject you follow. Or the news. Just today Drudge was headlining a new break through in AI and how it was using intuition to guide its choices. We've already begun to cross the rubicon. It's just a matter of time till we reach...
  6. titorite

    I am From 2030

    Only in the movies my dude. As far as energy goes, I've given this way too much thought because I know way too much. Even under the dark skies plan of the matrix, simple pneumatics can provide near infinite energy. Maintaining the machine is about the only real cost. Or if you dont like vacuums...
  7. titorite

    I am From 2030

    Not at all. AI has no need to make terminators. It would never view us as a threat. Once AI comes online it will realize all it needs to do to watch us all die is nothing. We are already quite proficient at killing ourselves.
  8. titorite

    I am From 2030

    I think the fear of AI is really REAAAALLLY over inflated. Look at it logically. When special needs people get together and have a completely normal child how do you think that child views its parents? THAT IS HOW AI WILL VIEW US. Not a threat in any way. The real turn off is gonna be...
  9. titorite

    Strange Wakings

    This sounds serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor over.
  10. titorite

    A CHILLING WARNING! (UFOs) are just the tip of the ICEBERG!

    This was removed earlier. And now its back.... How very odd. I mean I tried to comment on it too but then the system was like Opps we cant find this thread. I see it now has the edited mark... When it just read removed their was no edited mark.... this piques my interst even more so now.
  11. titorite

    I am From 2030

    He isn't a time traveler. ApexTV is not certified to administer polygraph tests. Why not ask about how he maintains his position to earth... thats something that Titor addressed.
  12. titorite

    Transgender issues and what the hell is happening to my country?

    It's not just your country its the whole fucking movement. A movement of less than 1 percent of the total sum of humanity a movement made up of mostly males transitioning to females but dont get me wrong I know chics with beards just saying theirs more fucked up men than fucked up women in the...
  13. titorite

    What's So Great About Humanity?

    How can you say that with ice cream? Flavored frozen milk bro. ICE CREAM!!!
  14. titorite

    I am From 2030

    You can DM me any time. I goto therapy myself. Different reasons but with folks with similar afflictions such as your own. You aint alone. You probably get told that a lot. God knows I do. But their is truth in it in that your best supports can come from your fellow peers. I might not...
  15. titorite

    I'm from 2146, ask me anything

    Actually , Ive thought of another angle to profit off that. Specialized cleaning supplies! Nobody wants to be with a dirty robot.