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  1. greeneyes6

    Do anybody have a tattoo on there body right now wishing they never have gotten it?

    Me getting my boyfriend name on my chest:/
  2. greeneyes6

    Near death experience!

    Have anyone on here ever been in an accident or been hurt so bad that you die but came back ?
  3. greeneyes6

    If you can build anything what would it be?

    I would definitely build a smart TV. You wouldn't need a control to turn it off or on. You wouldn't need a DVD player Or a Cable box. Also it's wireless All you need to do is talk to it and tell it what ever you wanna watch.
  4. greeneyes6

    Lucky ones!

    Have anyone ever been kidnapped before and live to tell about it?
  5. greeneyes6

    Is it faith!

    In my life I've been in 3 really bad car accident but I wasn't driving! And in each accident one person died and the rest of us was in bad shape but we survived some how as the years go by I can't stop thinking is it faith that each car accident I survive...... What do you guys think about this?
  6. greeneyes6


    Anybody ever had a dream about something and then if came true in real life.....
  7. greeneyes6

    Feeling afraid

    Alot of my family members do all kinds of black Magic and other stuff in that field, do you guy's think something bad might happen to me knowing all the good and bad they messing around with, I been having a funny feeling for many years now but I don't know who can I get in contact with to...
  8. greeneyes6

    Bad Dreams

    What does it mean if you keep dreaming about the same thing over and over?
  9. greeneyes6

    Not alone!

    Have anybody ever encounter with the shadow people? If yes what happened. ..