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    Disinformers & Friends

    I recently had a run in with someone who made the assertion it's was racist to question official pre-human history writ large, I'm not talking about recorded human history here, I'm talking about anthropology and the like. I paused to reflect upon the ridiculousness of the assertion, and while...
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    Human History Hypothesis

    For me the most paranormal thing in existence is sitting there in plain sight - megalithic structures. The fact the largest and most durable structures made by man in our entire history were supposedly made by primitive peoples makes no sense. I have a hypothesis, albeit one with many holes, I'm...
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    Interested Tinkerer

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and thought I would give a shout out and introduce myself. I'm general purpose tinkerer and an electronics hobbyist who can't seem to stop inquiring into the paranormal. I found this forum at random and decided to register. I've been kicking around several ideas...