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  1. Parazite1986

    AI Art Thread

    There is the picture of my avatar character. Sol Badguy
  2. Parazite1986

    Common Sense Conspiracy: September 24 Doomsday Conspiracy Theory Already Looking Pretty False

    It went fine. Nothing happened except the Iranian protest
  3. Parazite1986

    The End of the Ukrainian Conflict

    I will test to see if your prediction is true
  4. Parazite1986

    Swp57: Our “Leaders” Have Taken Blood Oaths- These people swore an oath or to represent citizens, but their true loyalty is to Satan (Communism.). The

    What we should be focusing on right now are the greys with Draco’s, and their puppets. Democrats and republicans are just division created by the Greys by their puppets and they don’t rest until they enslave everyone of us.
  5. Parazite1986

    Where is TimeFlipper?

    Where's that old scoundrel when you need him?
  6. Parazite1986


    Have you heard of psychic vampires and destructive energy? Look into Feng Shui and shield yourself from destructive energy
  7. Parazite1986

    The solar flux capacitor

    I found ebay and decided to wait for the parts to get here despite those dreaded porch pirates. I got the job even though I am allowed to make a sum of money required for my mother's Tricare :fp:. First, I have to save $50 for the digital drawing pad so I can show you the plans for it in my...
  8. Parazite1986

    Leaky nose problem. Need to solve it before Friday or Saturday before coming to my friend's house

    Leaky nose problem. Need to solve it before Friday or Saturday before coming to my friend's house
  9. Parazite1986

    Debate Should incest be a part of sexual education?

    I was bullied online for having sexual relations with my family. I learned to stop immediately otherwise I will have a dead child and scorned by society. I was worried that the society will begin to allow incest children in marriages instead of abortions, the next morally corrupt choice. Why...
  10. Parazite1986

    Would you eat human flesh to survive?

    I am Catholic so I get my weekly body of Christ. Otherwise I would starve
  11. Parazite1986

    Trump’s Impeachment trial

    Do you think that there’s a fraud going around in the election that tries to charge Trump with being a traitor? Do you believe that Trump is innocent? Would there be more fraud in the next election?
  12. Parazite1986

    The solar flux capacitor

    As such I am going to get supplies starting in in July for the flux capacitor + ardiuno hybrid that I will create. Its year and time will be in led characters and this will be a first prototype of the hybrid flux capacitor. I suppose the battery would be a compatible type for the solar panel...
  13. Parazite1986

    The solar flux capacitor

    This is the solar panel for my flux capacitor
  14. Parazite1986

    Swp57: 3 Possible Causes of the U.S. Collapse (With An Ongoing Pandemic, Increasing Unemployment, And An Ever-Growing Amount Of Social Unrest, 2022 Is

    Or YOLO as the wokester said. Anyways, it's basically going to be like post-apocalypses with the middle ages mixed in
  15. Parazite1986

    HDR Help (Following the passing of Mr. Gibbs)

    As a bummed out person who built her time machines, I agree that hdr’s that you will get don’t work for us. I had a most unusual thing with the flux cap. Anyways another of mine worked for astral travel only.
  16. Parazite1986

    Critical race theory - Psyop against spirituality or to increase racism?

    Blaming every white Cherokee for supporting racism is akin to blaming the Chinese person for communism. It makes divisions hurt even more
  17. Parazite1986

    The solar flux capacitor

    I have been scheming about the time machine after one of them broke. Suddenly, it came to my mind that solar power isn't used in flux cap. So I got the solar panel for a device and I admit I do live with the roommate now. But since I am planning to save money for my flux cap, I will keep you...
  18. Parazite1986

    New Zealand to ban smoking for next generation in bid to outlaw habit by 2025

    Not only that but DARE did the disservice to the youth by saying don’t smoke or drink drugs, which caused kids to smoke marijuana and cigarettes more. next, kids will be told to stay away from both drugs and herbs and take big pharmaceutical drugs instead I was one of casualties of the drug war
  19. Parazite1986

    Paranormalis ends in a year?

    I had a diarrhea recently and I agree no one denied it being powerful