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  1. Classicalfan626

    Is there any current confirmed TIME TRAVELERS ON HERE NOW???

    That would be the lefties, LOL! :p
  2. Classicalfan626

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to Paranormalis Cindy! Sounds like we have something in common! :)
  3. Classicalfan626

    It's time to introduce myself

    Those are very interesting stories you have there! Anyway, welcome! :)
  4. Classicalfan626

    Hello paranormalis.

    Welcome to Paranormalis, and have fun! :)
  5. Classicalfan626

    New here.

    Cool! :)
  6. Classicalfan626

    New here.

    Welcome aboard Paranormalis! :) Do your interests include aliens, UFOs, and time travel?
  7. Classicalfan626

    The Matrix films as parts of a conspiracy?

    Very interesting indeed! :)
  8. Classicalfan626

    Hi, I'm new here

    @Citizen Butterfly - Welcome! I'm curious to hear what you have to offer! :)
  9. Classicalfan626

    TnWatchdog – R I P

    I'm so sorry to hear this. :cry: Where did you find out about it? And when did it happen?
  10. Classicalfan626

    Local High School offering Conspiracy Theory Class to students....

    Agreed! :) And we should even rename progressivism in this case. It should be called "regressivism". It is obvious that the far left Democrat Party isn't forward-looking.
  11. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    Thanks for the advice, but I think I'm pretty much all set with that issue. I'm pretty sure I can get my local construction contractor to install my CB antenna up on my roof. But I'll revisit this bit of advice if he can't, and I'll know exactly where to refer back to. ;)
  12. Classicalfan626

    Interesting new avatar! What is the avatar this time?

    Interesting new avatar! What is the avatar this time?
  13. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    I'll have someone do it for me, so I'd say I'll hire a pro. My family is on very friendly terms with this construction pro. He did a makeover of our bathroom last summer. I have yet to figure out what to say in case he gets too inquisitive, which I doubt he will do because of our relationship...
  14. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    No, I haven't contacted anyone yet. I purchased my antenna and coax cable on Monday, and I am still waiting to get my delivery. I also have yet to have my antenna installed on my roof after the delivery.
  15. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    I'm sorry that my argument came across that way, and I didn't mean to post such an argument in that fashion, considering I was very tired when I posted it. My real counter-argument will be seen in the second-to-last paragraph of this post. On the contrary, I think we have received a response of...
  16. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    Those are some very interesting theories you have there. However, I have do disagree with a lot of it because I feel that it is flawed due to your dismissal of faith and religion. Without a basis in faith and religion, the human race is doomed to socialism and communism. In other words, without...
  17. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    That this history is the best one that exists so far, perhaps (I have no idea). But that this is the best result that could ever be achieved, I highly doubt that. Good question. I see the outcome for myself being very fruitful. In other words, I would be flourishing and soaring in this world...
  18. Classicalfan626

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    @Einstein - LOL at the post above! :LOL: ---- @Displaced Spirit - To put it bluntly, the reason I want to get in contact with aliens is, I want to go back in time and change history. The ideas that they will be shown, or perhaps (I think likely) that they already know about, I am fairly...
  19. Classicalfan626

    OMG OMG OMG Titor book?!

    I agree. Snopes is biased to the left, and is thus not a reliable source. No true investigative journalism there.