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    Thoughts: Obama and a Third Term?

    I was curious to know what people thought about Obama attempting to a Third Term in office. It has happened before (Franklin D. Roosevelt). I know many here may not be Obama supporters but it's without a doubt true that he is very capable of charming people. I know a lot of people feel like...
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    Media Accused witch burned alive: 20-year-old mother dead after accusation

    Source: Accused witch burned alive: 20-year-old mother dead after accusation - National Strange News |
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    US officials say 2 warships moving toward Libya

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon ordered two warships to the Libyan coast in the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador and three others, U.S. officials said Wednesday. One destroyer, the USS Laboon, moved to a position off the coast Wednesday, and the USS McFaul is en...
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    Immense fear?(help)

    So I was talking with my mom and, all the sudden idk what happened but, i got shaky and, felt really scared when i "heard" the door open and, i thought i heard a voice say something although i can't remember what it was. It was like a high pitched voice and, just put a lot of fear in me. I then...
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    Has anyone honestly ever preformed any form of "magic" that had results?

    I was just curious if anyone had any real results from any type of "magic" regardless of what it is so long as you could honestly say it's true. The way I see it is that if magic exists it's information that has been lost over the long amount of time just like fighting styles and, other stuff...
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    What would you do?

    So I was watching tv which is something I rarely do I was at dead boredom and, was watching something or another about Virtual Reality. So I decided to ask myself the big question "Is it possible?" and, I started researching several topics and, different theories on connecting subjects to make...
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    Telekinetic Ability Test?

    So I saw this video and, said what the heck and, decided to try it basically he tells you to do a couple of things and, you do them and, it's to test whether or not you have an ability or not. 1. Shuffle the deck 7 times 2. Cut the deck 7 times unless you have a french poodle if you do then...
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    Surveillance Drone in the US!

    So I saw this on ATS and, I didn't plan to post it here until after I watched the video! I swear yesterday when I was out walking I saw something exactly like this. At first when I saw it I was a little weary of the fact that it was there since it looked like a military plane so why would be in...
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    12 Year Old Cries Crystals!

    So I'm not sure exactly where I stand on this I've seen people cry blood but, never crystals. I can see easily how this can be done ( in a fake way that is ) but, I don't think anyone would actually fake something like this. I want to know what you guys think about this ~_~
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    Attacks through Blood Stains - Horrifying Supernatural Encounters

    So I watched this 'documentary' and, I have to say I was honestly impressed with the processes they went through before jumping into blaming the supernatural they took in account science and, attempted to find the cause through that before investigating the supernatural. I would recommend this...
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    US National Debt Clock

    If you haven't seen this site then, check it out it's pretty sad when I see the numbers of the US Debt rising as fast as it does $15,724,225,200,034 is the PUBLIC debt never mind the 'behind the scenes' money spending on black projects which probably have racked up even more. For the pure...
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    I saw something strange?

    So I was in the bathroom washing up like everything is normal and, when i turned around to look at the door i noticed this "thing" I guess you would call it and, I didn't get a bad or good feeling just the feeling that it was there and, was "alive" it looked liked a square but, the the lines on...
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    How did you decide your future career?

    So someone I know decided to ask what my plans for the future where ( career and, etc. ) and, to be honest it's not that I don't know but, more that I have no interest in anything I've looked into doing. So I figured I would as you all ( for those who are older ) how you decided on your career.
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    Strange women

    So I was out walking and, it was nothing normal then, as I was getting near my home and, I met a elderly women dress in medical scrubs with a white bandanna over her hair we said hi and, just passed each other neither of us was walking fast or anything it was a slow normal pace but, then...
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    Debate Couples suing over renting a haunted house

    I saw this on yahoo and, thought I would post this here to see what you all think. They "light" incident seems weird ( fakish ) to me however the bowling pin seems real enough although as noted with most paranormal powers and, hunting they can be set up to seem real Not sure about this one...
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    My training 'report'

    So I'm trying to train my own psychic abilities First Try 4/12/12 - 1:09AM : I decided to try to move a pencil so I started with breathing and, trying to clear my mind after a few minutes I opened my mind and, focused on nothing more then, moving the pencil. At first I try'd to spin it ( from...
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    Try this out

    So this could be considered 'dangerous' and, try to remember manly that any amateur can summon any form of a spirit however it takes a professional to get rid of a spirit. I'm not saying this will or will not work. This will be using mirrors and, a barrier along side the devils box basically...
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    The man who met god

    So this is something i read about a long time ago then, for some reason I saw sam post on another thread and, thought she may be interested in reading this. From what I remember about it this "god" isn't the same as the Christians Jesus but, it's still interesting to read about here is the link...
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    Mysterious Puzzle?

    Format: L,W,L Location: Code: 1,6,1 5,1,4 6,3,3 4,9,4 12,2,2 1,5,3 2,3,1 :Space: # 8,8,1 :Space: 3,6,8 :Space: 1,1,1 1,7,1 6,14,3 :Space: 3,7,3 3,2,3 3,14,3 1,1,2 :Space: 3,2,3 3,41 :Space: 3,6,1 1,3,1 5,8,2
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    Time Travel already impossibe ( For this World Line )

    Just as the title says John Titor was from the 'future' and, he said he was just a soldier he wasn't a scientist but, he did know the World Line theory therefor who owns the World Line Theory The reason I'm asking this question is because if you look at event this way would Time Travel be...