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    Is there any current confirmed TIME TRAVELERS ON HERE NOW???

    I used to be what you call a pretender but now I have an hdr it works. Buy one yourselve's. I've been to alot of places already. But you get alot of brain farts along the way.Meaning the crystal hurts. But not a shock. I can show you proof. I don't do favor's or give lottery numbers. Your in for...
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    re: My HDR pic

    did anyone that used the hdr try it out? That day?
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    re: My HDR pic

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    Their all soldiers

    funny every claim of a time traveller. There lies a soldier. I have a hdr and not a soldier and have been places. I even just got a threat from steven gibbs about a line that exists with snow caps going over new york. He said if I don't do a physical jump with him, I'll end up in a negative line...
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    2019 Predictions

    I see a quiet United States. Peaceful for awhile but people will probably try to thwart it. But we will remain so. There will be a sun spot that gives off a hot summer and winter. I see a pretty fun year. 90 degree weather for most of the summer. 70's in the winter.
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    Chronovisor videos

    Where are the videos
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    WTF? is this crap. I've noticed alot of it going on recently.
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    Temporal Agent from a distance future

    Nice character name. but i would call you a non traveler. Due to that name alone
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    re: My HDR pic

    i put only the stabilizer on and the dials went nuts, they clunged on to each other like something was going to happen i watched it for minutes nothing happened
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    re: My HDR pic

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    Ok TimeFlipper give me a pm havent talked to you in awhile.

    Ok TimeFlipper give me a pm havent talked to you in awhile.
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    re: HDR experiences after treatment

    If anyone who has used the HDR have you had experiences with fogginess in your eye's when your done with your treatment? It last a few hours meaning something does happen. Not sure what it is. But it's wild. I'd recommend getting one if you know how to us. This is a good device to have if ww3 or...
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    Re: Experiment did wonderful

    By the way anyone have experiences with fogginess in they're eye's when they use the HDR?
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    Re: Experiment did wonderful

    Not by any means, your not close as older than me.
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    Re: Experiment did wonderful

    Your not ready and you don't need one move on. You'll never get it. Only a select few are allowed to have them within guidelines and still you are too young.
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    Re: Experiment did wonderful

    Mayhem, I've been around long enough on this site enough to tell noobs from old timers. Yes I am calling you a noob because you don't know a thing about anything we're talking about. I'm still learning I'm 37 wednesday. I'm experiementing with it give me awhile. Then I will answer your damn...
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    Re: Experiment did wonderful

    Time Flipper sorry i have been very busy I just lost my job a year and 8 months gone down the drain my manager layed 5 of us off. Thanks for the proper correction if i might add i can see the irony in a sour joke in that.
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    Time to Build It

    I told you in the first place that it wouldn't affect it. I don't know why you all were so god damn stubborn of making me one you all never kept in contact or wanted to.
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    Time to Build It

    It doesn't affect my pacemaker. I now have a hdr. It works awesome.
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    Re: Experiment did wonderful

    So I just got my HDR last monday. I did a 8 minute treatment I put my electromagnet next to my AC it shorted it out. I unplugged it. Turned it back on. Then did the same thing beyond a foot. It shortened it out again. Unplugged it and turned it on and started working again. I noticed when I...