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    Flying cars

    Flying cars, they seem like a hopeless dream to most of us. However, I have seen alternate timelines where they are so common. However, we do need a breakthrough in our own. Sadly, most seem to be quite expensive. Laws need to change and soon.

    Is there any current confirmed TIME TRAVELERS ON HERE NOW???

    Thank you cosmo. I believe that just like light is a wave... time is also a wave. The HDR has knobs so you can change frequencies. Steven Gibbs says the HDR magic is resonance.

    Doing Bad Things for Good Reasons

    Would you kill one person... to save seven?

    I wanna be rich

    I wanna be rich. Callaway sings that his favorite numbers are one two three. Well, power ball's first three numbers were one two three - wow. Hey, I always said that you will never see - one two three in the lottery and I was wrong. OK, it was 1-2-3-7-39-25 Here is the old song.

    Questions for hell believers.

    1. Why do you believe in this particular idea? While walking with other people crossing the street, I was hit by a drunk driver years ago. My soul went to a place that looked like heaven. I believe there is also a bad place - not sure on who goes. 2. Do you believe it is eternal or temporary...

    time travel car

    What would make a good time travel car? The idea is to not attract too much attention in a previous era. Well, most of us would agree... that a jeep would look normal in the futures and in the past back to the 40's. What other cars could we use? I use with my HDR, my dad's old PT cruiser. It is...

    paranormal experience

    Here is my latest paranormal experience. I was making a sandwich with cheese and mayo. This was the day before yesterday and I remember taking out of the refrigerator one jar. Suddenly, side by side there were two - not one. I took a photo for you. Well, I buy more mayo when my current jar is...

    Robots take our jobs away

    Robots could soon take our jobs away. Artificial intelligence technology is growing at a record pace. It is not just neural networks that are now being used in our sensors. Jobs such as truck driver could be gone soon. After all, we do know that self driving trucks will be safer and cost us less...

    Ten Things - Back to the Future II got right

    Here are ten things that they got right in the movie. Perhaps, there are some more. I did like Back to the Future, but often wonder what 2050 will bring us. Sadly, flying cars are expensive.
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    strange stuff

    I took a photo of the watch next to an HDR which I had turned on. This was during the lunar eclipse known as the blood wolf super moon. Here it is. Oh wow, this is strange stuff to be sure. Welcome to my world, where the paranormal is normal and rare occurrences are common.
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    Their all soldiers

    I have seen a lot of strange stuff to be sure. TIME is an interesting concept that few understand; however, we are trying to get more information on what is going on around us.
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    re: My HDR pic

    Today I used an HDR in the lunar eclipse of the super moon. Did any of you try it out just now?
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    Whatever happened to Steven Gibbs?

    Today I am using my HDR as there is a lunar eclipse of a super moon. Steven Gibbs says that his HDR works best on a full moon. All the best to all of you. Steven Gibbs still answers the phone, but it is best to leave a message. Also, you can text him to his cell phone.
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    THE ONE is a time travel movie. I found the French version. I am looking for the English one.
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    New Paranormal

    How do we find your channel?
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    Looking for time travelers...

    I know some people who claim to be time travel aficionados - Rick Lipani, Aage Nost, Mike Markovitz, and Patricia Ress. Call Steven Gibbs up. He can probably give you more names.
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    This sort of thing has been going on many years. My dad grew up in the 50's and like to listen to rock music. His father, my grandfather, said it was noise. Well, my grandfather grew up in the 20's and did like to listen to jazz. In fact, the 20's are often referred to as the jazz age. Well, his...
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    Artificial Intelligence & Future Tech

    Hi Hazzie Hippie Thanks for posting the link. Elephants have brains a lot larger than a person. Also, they are a lot stronger and larger in size. Yet, they are not trying to take over. Robots in the future will be a lot different than what we see in science fiction movies. Probably many will...
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    Weird coincidence or is it?

    Steven Gibbs calls this phenomenon a time freeze. I remember one time that I was using my HDR at work and suddenly there was a blackout and afterwards all the clocks were wrong. Not just digital clocks on people's desks, but computer clocks even. Strange stuff to be sure. Clocks do force us to...
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    Astral travel experimentation

    I am into astral time travel. When you first start out, exteriorizing is hard, but later it becomes easier.