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  1. Aryeandris

    AP/OBE /lucid dreaming

    First, I apologize if I missed the appropriate place to post this, Num. I can move it or you can or however it works if I am in the wrong place. I was wanting to know if anyone else has traveled across the galaxy, in space in general..gone the moon..while lucid dreaming or AP or OBE. I used to...
  2. Aryeandris

    Time travel planet?

    I came across a bunch of infinity codes..most I don't understand. They have writing & numbers & maps & stuff.. Anyway. One has all the planets We are 3rd- 3D. Mars is time travel.. Make sense?
  3. Aryeandris

    Is Titor back?

    Hello Mr. Titor Have you finally arrived
  4. Aryeandris

    Strange Dreams

    A couple weeks ago I had a dream where I was sitting on a bed (the kind in Dr offices) I couldn't see their faces but to my right and behind me were two assistants or nurses, behind them looking over them wAs the doctor. To my left was a screen like when you have an ultrasound. I was looking it...
  5. Aryeandris


    Who do you all think is part of the 177? What is the 177? Could a person be a TT and not remember it?
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  7. Aryeandris


    laws. Why? Really? Can't we all just be GOOD people? Don't we each have a conscious to tell us what we should and shouldn't do? How about raresense? I mean, commonsense? Why should I need a law telling me that I can't have sex with animals?? WHAT THE FUNK? There are many strange laws like...
  8. Aryeandris

    Pondering time

    Time. What is it? In my opinion, it's just a count of how many times the earth has revolved around the sun. If I have that wrong, fill me in please? I would be more insulted if no one told me. So, during any time of day or night, it's not just a number on a screen or clock. 4pm. Is actually a...
  9. Aryeandris

    Curious Cosmos

    Come check out Cosmo's site at curious :) There is a wide variety of topics being discussed, interesting and educational. :) If you like Paranormalis you will likely be interested. :)
  10. Aryeandris

    Food for future

    What seeds should we invest in for a future garden in Florida? What kinds of food would everyone like to eat? Please comment on this, a list is requested for such :)
  11. Aryeandris

    John's message to all

    This is the story of the man you all call John Titor. Because my time is short. If a warrant is served against me, and I defeat local law enforcement, martial law will be implemented. In 2008 I left the army 18xray program after witnessing two young men tjreatened to be shot by our commanding...
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    -*-------^ ~~~°•<>© XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  13. Aryeandris

    candle color meaning

    This is very important, does anyone know what burning a red, a white & a green candle means? Please, I need to know
  14. Aryeandris

    Dr. O'Brien

    When I was about 5 maybe 6 years old, I got in trouble at home quite a bit. I would constantly blink my eyes, alot-rapidly & almost, forcefully sometimes. I would also snort, just like a pig. My mom thought that I was doing this for attention (it was probably annoying too) so I would get sent to...
  15. Aryeandris


    First of all, I know as much as the next guy(or gal) about who/what is God. I believe the more important question is, WHAT is God? I am not speaking of any religion's God in specific.. I grew up a Christian, had it ingrained in me. I have a theory to this.... confusion, separation &...
  16. Aryeandris

    Andy Peros

    Andy Peros has probably been brought up before.. but anyway I have been reading his "story" all day, and I must say it is horrific, for lack of a better word. Has anybody here read it??
  17. Aryeandris

    Abstract Art

    This is one of my drawings I made for my brother in 2009. It was one of my first ones ever. Does anyone care to comment? I don't show a whole lot of people what I do, I'm sharing a big piece of me with all of you. :)
  18. Aryeandris

    Strange Dreams

    If anyone would like to talk about any strange dreams, discuss dreams in general, I would love to hear you.
  19. Aryeandris

    effects of alternate timelines

    Let's say in world A I fall in love with "Timmy", but in world B I still haven't met him. When the world B me meets him, would I sense something familiar, or good feelings? Also, on the flip side, if world A me has a loved one murdered & holds enough animosity towards the killer, would world B...
  20. Aryeandris

    Energy Healing

    I was reading about this and found it fascinating, and even more because I have thought about how we, living things, create our own energy/made up of energy in the last year.. it all makes sense to me, & I wanted to share this with all you special friends :) If interested in this, please go to...