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  1. NatusLiber

    Prediction Frequency Increasing

    So far as I've seen the future in dreams, I have never had a string of consecutive predictions as I have this last week, including last night. Before, it was only once every few months, sometimes years apart, but it was always a very rare and special occasion when it did happen. Now I see it...
  2. NatusLiber

    Patrick Ewing

    He's going to come up. Wait for it.
  3. NatusLiber

    I Can See the Future in Dreams

    The first time was in 2003; I dreamed that summer I was in my room, stripped bare of everything but the bed and a sheet. My chihuahua was with me. A black kitten materialized from thin air, and scratched my dog, making her hide under the sheets. I scolded the kitten, but in my reprimand, it...
  4. NatusLiber

    I'm Liber

    I've come to disclose my ability to an accepting public.