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  1. Einstein

    Proof that time travel exists

    They didn't want anyone to know the truth.
  2. Einstein

    I gave up looking for it. Figured it was more fake news.

    I gave up looking for it. Figured it was more fake news.
  3. Einstein

    If I wanted to build a time machine to the past.
  4. Einstein

    Possible or not.

  5. Einstein

    Negative Gravity?

    Not so! It appears you are over thinking this. First it appears you've fallen for the big lie that MASS exists. The true path to discovery is one step forward, and two steps backwards.
  6. Einstein

    Negative Gravity?

    Negative gravity=Centrifugal force
  7. Einstein

    Schematics Multi-Verse Resonator Construction Details

    Steven Gibbs claims it is suppose to give you better results than an HDR. But like the HDR knowing how to meditate into an astral projection state should be mastered first before using.
  8. Einstein

    Interesting Physics Phenomena

    I just recently discovered this phenomena. Though apparently it has been known about for years. Remember an explanation isn't fact. Just someone telling you something to stifle your curiosity. I'm curios enough to put every modern tech measuring device into use to better understand it. To me...
  9. Einstein

    Flying cars

    I've been following the progress of the EHang 184. It looks very promising as a potential flying car.
  10. Einstein

    Accidentally Hurting Someone

    The devil granted your wish. Now you belong to him.
  11. Einstein

    Cobra CB radio for contact

    Just make sure your coax cable connectors will connect to both the CB and the antenna. Other than that I think everything will be fine.
  12. Einstein

    Interesting Physics Phenomena

    I see a lot of speculation on what is going on. Apparently on one actually has gathered enough real data to show what is actually happening.
  13. Einstein

    Interesting Physics Phenomena

    What I found so interesting was that no one used any of the advanced measuring tools we have at our disposal to gather data while the slinky begins its collapse. A gravitational body undergoing a gravitational acceleration becomes weightless. Would sensors attached to the slinky at various...
  14. Einstein

    tIME tRavel tHoughts

    I wouldn't pursue mind copy technology. Only soul transference research would be of interest to me. It would be a type of indefinite life extension.
  15. Einstein

    tIME tRavel tHoughts

    I wouldn't amass a trillion dollars to start with. That would be like putting a target on my back. Of course winning a big lottery jackpot would probably satisfy any money problems. I would probably start a research group to investigate consciousness transfer into replacement type avatar bodies.
  16. Einstein

    Please allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome Treversal. I have an interest in that ZTG that you built. Like where did you get the idea to construct that particular design? I built Tesla's Zero Time Reference Generator from plans on the internet.
  17. Einstein

    Hey! Long time no see. I don't think atomic clocks actually measure the flow of time.

    Hey! Long time no see. I don't think atomic clocks actually measure the flow of time.
  18. Einstein

    Live Birth Abortion is On the Table — America Enters New Stage of Radicalization

    An eye for an eye is what I meant. I do not support socialism or communism in any form.