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  1. Time Witness

    2019 Predictions

    I have two strong visions I have seen which I get will happen during 2019. First, I see a change in the British Royalty. I don't know if the Queen will step down or pass but I see a change. Second, I hope this one is a miss, I see an accidental nuclear detonation in a country we had no idea...
  2. Time Witness

    By 2038

    I have always been able to predict things, recently I have been training in remote viewing and I am amazed how clear the images are. I have posted about my predictions for next year, 2019. To review that, I saw a change in the royals in England. I don't know if the Queen steps down or...
  3. Time Witness

    Time Witness

    During the last two remote viewing sessions of mine, I have seen a small tsunami. On my first session, I was on the beach of this small tropical island and saw the water rush out to see, which is the warning sign of a tsunami. On my second session, I saw the island's destruction. Some parts...
  4. Time Witness

    remote viewing predictions

    Since I have had such a decent success rate of predictions , I thought I should start posting them instead of just time stamping them with emails. Some of my past successes: I have predicted every Presidential Election, including 2016. I had told family and friends Trump would win, even though...
  5. Time Witness

    Does the HDR Resonator really work?

    I purchased Steven Gibbs HDR Resonator about a year ago. All I got was a head ache. Any tips on making this thing work? I understand it is suppose to be for physical time travel as well as helping make predictions and healing.
  6. Time Witness


    Just joined and very eager. I have been looking for a forum like this. I have been studying remote viewing and remote influencing for some time now and the results have surprised me. I also just purchased Steven Gibbs HDR resonator but I can't seem to get the thing working. Will appreciate any...