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  1. TooCutie

    Interesting Claim about Time Travelers from the Future

    TL DR This website (their owners) has the most legitimate claim of having been contacted by time travelers and even debated the future knowledge and intelligence against scientists and physicists with ease despite not having been educated in those fields prior to talking to time travelers. Time...
  2. TooCutie

    HDR proof

    Does anyone have any proof of the HDR? Like evidence of future telling, predictions that came true, winning lottery numbers anything like that. Most people who ask only get the reply "Try it yourself" when it seems like an obvious scam.
  3. TooCutie

    John Titor is a hoax?

    I thought John Titor was proven to just be an elaborate hoax. They even attempted to sell shirts and merchandise, everything they said they changed and went back on w/ the explanation that these false statements were made not by him but by a John Titor from a different timeline altogether...
  4. TooCutie


    Hi! I'm Vanessa but people just call me Cutie. I like the nickname and it's easier to say and way more catchy. I had joined some forums in the past when it came to time travel and I'm hoping to join here as well and get to know people.