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    My vacation to Canada is over. I prefer 69 F degrees in Montreal to 96 F in Miami. Hey, I really do like Vieux-Québec.

    I'm from 2146, ask me anything

    Funny, I have tried remote viewing. OK, so far no success. Still, the lotto numbers do not look random to me. Take a look at last Friday's numbers for the mega millions lottery game. Most have a four in em. :) 4 14 24 26 46 14

    Hey, can GE survive?

    John Titor said that in 2036 he was using a GE C204 time machine, but my question is - hey, can GE survive? Here might be our answer.

    Does the Fly Board of Zapata Racing exist in your time lime?

    He made it! God, we thank you. :) French ‘bird-man’ crosses English Channel on flyboard

    Elon Musk is Accumulating Assets Purely to Fund His Dream of Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species

    I still remember being told in school that in the future we would have flying cars... as well as men on mars. Well, that future is closer now.

    Ultrasonic Levitation.

    Thanks for the mini movie. I wish we could fly to work instead of driving a car. The man who gets to work in a flying machine

    Electric cars

    Some analysts believe Tesla cars will be a success. Tesla sets a record for sales, and its stock jumps 7% Others feel that failure is near. Tesla's Unhappy Birthday: Here's Why Its Days May Be Numbered I think that Elon Musk is a genius. However, I know an automobile mechanic that was...

    Electric cars

    Right now less than one percent of the vehicles on the road are electric and for good reason. Charging stations are rare. The State of Electric Vehicle Adoption in the U.S. My prediction is that...

    gas prices

    There is an oil tanker on fire near iran. Oil prices surge after tanker attack in Gulf of Oman - CNN Video Here is a photo that I took today.
  10. HDRKID


    Yesterday is an alternate time line movie. OK, so in this ATL the Beatles songs never were. I believe that in the movie... John, Paul, George, and Ringo never were. Strange concept to be sure. Well, look at the trailer - here it is.
  11. HDRKID

    can i travel back in time and change my decision?

    I know this is going to sound crazy. Well, here we go. I bought at an electronics store a PC that was max expensive. It was $2,000 and it did not work for me. OK, so I decided to return it ,but they said no. Actually, they did not even request a 15% restocking fee, but simple said - no. That too...
  12. HDRKID

    I believe John Titor would have hated Donald Trump!

    John Titor wrote. "The President or "leader" in 2005 I believe tried desperately to be the next Lincoln and hold the country together but many of their policies drove a larger wedge into the Bill of Rights. The President in 2009 was interested only in keeping his/her power base." Who was this...
  13. HDRKID

    World's first folding PC

    Lenovo made a breakthrough that is amazing. World's first folding PC is upon us. Hey, we do like the idea of a PC that your could fit into a coat pocket, but the problem was always the large screen. Well, those days are over. Lenovo shows off the world’s first foldable PC
  14. HDRKID

    Australia will kill millions of cats

    Australia will kill millions of cats. They will use poison sausages. Cats all, folks: Australia aims to kill 2 million feral felines by 2020 Australia is trying to...
  15. HDRKID

    man wants to trademark F word

    This just in. OK, so a man wants to trademark the F word and the federal gov says no. Hey, we can't make this stuff up. It is just too crazy. TAKEN FROM Fashion brand ‘FUCT’ seeks trademark help from Supreme Court | WTOP Erik Brunetti’s four-letter fashion brand starts with an “F” and rhymes...
  16. HDRKID

    I'm from 2146, ask me anything

    Why does AI not take over?
  17. HDRKID

    Enemies of John Titor in 2036?

    Time travel is interesting. He talked about people in the future living in tree houses.
  18. HDRKID

    Hey HDRKid

    Just call the inventor up. His number is 785 250 KIND
  19. HDRKID

    Have any of you guys been to another dimension, or other odd place which didn't seem to belong in our world?

    Who has knowledge about DAL Universe, and about Semjase traveling in DAL Universe? I have a little. I do know that Nordic Aliens do not put a lot of emphasis on material possessions. OK, so in contrast, there are timelines, where the average person... does live in a three story house similar...
  20. HDRKID

    Time Machine Humor

    There is a flux capacitor available on amazon. It costs $9999.99, but now I need to get a Delorean car. Those are expensive...