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  1. steven chiverton

    How to open a dimensional gate and see aliens book

    thanks sonix i hope you can translate it and break it up into pdf files easier to read then
  2. steven chiverton

    How to open a dimensional gate and see aliens book

    I cant open these 2 useless winzip files as i only had a trial winzip opener which is expired so can someone convert these 2 files into an easy to open pdf file for me please, these are not in english so i found out so are useless
  3. steven chiverton

    Trying telekinesis

    maybe you can use these or combine them see what ya get
  4. steven chiverton

    Debate Letter Written in 2070 "Real or a Bad Hoax"

    Time capsule from 1995 discovered in an Australian bathroom - with eerie predictions that came true
  5. steven chiverton


    ive herd about that of this virus escaping from a lab in china on a youtube video and it's strange this happens right after of during the riots and even though they was losing control of there own people now this happens and now the streets are clear in china its as if they created the virus...
  6. steven chiverton

    Marshall Barnes

    lol i never said he had a wig but his hair dose need some electrical attention lol
  7. steven chiverton

    Marshall Barnes

    aliens especially the greys dont have hair the nordics do and some human looking ones
  8. steven chiverton

    Marshall Barnes

    not bad for a blown human hair fuse lol
  9. steven chiverton

    Marshall Barnes

    anyhow marshall barnes video was very amusing to
  10. steven chiverton

    Marshall Barnes

    it mentions stan deyo i know stan went to his lecture at the old entertainment center in perth in the seventies i think where him and space expert john schussler did there talks about ufos and stan deyo was pursuing the inventions of nikola tesla to , stan dey also hosted several documentaries...
  11. steven chiverton

    Bar Magnets Included with the HDR?

    any magnet brought near the hdr electromagnet will vibrate in response to the hdr units electromagnetic feilds
  12. steven chiverton

    Does the HDR perfboard have a Copper Backplate?

    the copper plate would have to be insulated otherwise it short out the solder diode connections on the back of the circuit board
  13. steven chiverton

    HDR for Sale

    my friend shayne brought a hdr from someone in the and luckily the person selling it lived in new south wales australia in the same state so he brought it and i havent herd from him since so where are you selling this hdr from
  14. steven chiverton

    Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative

    pm me where did it go i only saw hello steven
  15. steven chiverton

    Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative

    use the envelope icon at top to form a private chat
  16. steven chiverton

    Debate Letter Written in 2070 "Real or a Bad Hoax"

    so when they refer to a country not doing enough to combat climate change its really the corrupt leaders runing it all and for money and profit and control they are the ones who need to stop the climate changes
  17. steven chiverton

    Scary Prophecy About World War III

    ive been reading some of these predictions which many are old and one predicted as virus outbreak for 2020-30 which started before the end of 2019 and is still going so that one prediction was close with the chronavirus if you read the prophecies by other famous people why are many getting it...
  18. steven chiverton

    sears soon gone

    the 50k potentiometers made by the same manufacter used in the hdr units are plenty here in australia so are the capacitors and diodes so gibbs can source his parts online not all is doom and gloom