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  1. Negan

    Hey bud! Thanks! Haven't been playing too much Armadillo or anything truthfully. Been busy...

    Hey bud! Thanks! Haven't been playing too much Armadillo or anything truthfully. Been busy! Been going back to the U.S. and Norway, got engaged and stuff in between. How about you? Make contact yet?
  2. Negan

    Introduce my self

    We're all Negan here. Welcome aboard!
  3. Negan

    Battlefield Ghosts Or Reenactors Or A Mixture Of Both?

    Interesting story. I've heard similar stories. There's also some good footage out there that shows what appears to be men in uniform walking along a tree line at dark. They're not 100% solid, which I find interesting. If I had the link handy, I'd have included it. There is also another...
  4. Negan

    Let's suppose that the Earth really is hollow. What's the quickest path to enter?

    Quickest way would be transporters. Unfortunately, the Enterprise won't be here for another couple of hundred years. In the mean time, I'm guessing doing what they all do, plane ride to the poles and entering.
  5. Negan

    Take a nap, Jedi.

    Take a nap, Jedi.
  6. Negan

    Which phone do you use?

    Very nice choices. So far, everyone is using Android. Wonder if there are still those of us on vintage handsets? I'd use my Nokia 9000i if 2G was still supported!
  7. Negan

    Which phone do you use?

    Nice phone, I had the "+" model for a while. Good choice.
  8. Negan

    Which phone do you use?

    Just curious what phones everyone uses? I use a BlackBerry Keyone Black Edition (holding off for the Key3).
  9. Negan


    Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself here.
  10. Negan

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Negan

    New Paranormal

    Unfortunately, doesn't look like it's for me. Thank you though.
  12. Negan

    Have any of you guys been to another dimension, or other odd place which didn't seem to belong in our world?

    Today I experienced a strange "mis-remembrance". I have close ties to Norway, and I have always remembered it as celebrating Christmas on the 24th. I distinctly remembering "strange that it's not on the 25th". Yet, now it's obviously the 25th as it's "always been". I just remember this like...
  13. Negan

    Why we haven't found alien life yet

    While I believe there may be many reasons, I'm personally under the impression that we have been "visited" for many years. Now why haven't *we*, the public heard about it? That's another story. Personally, I think that the government has equipment that's been salvaged and just don't want...
  14. Negan

    Strange Wakings

    True that. Thanks again.
  15. Negan

    Strange Wakings

    I appreciate the input. Luckily, hasn't happened as of late. But I've been thinking about telling my doctor about it. Not sure if I should include the strange feeling at night, or just the lights I tend to see.
  16. Negan

    gas prices

    That's nice. Here in oil rich Scandinavia, the gas prices are at an all time high.
  17. Negan

    Strange Wakings

    I'd also like to add to this, that for the past week I've been seeing flashes of lights every so often. This happens at night, and I know that when you're tired this can happen. But that's typically from the side of your vision, this is happening right in front of me. Not saying either of...
  18. Negan

    Strange Wakings

    The other thread about sleep paralysis got me thinking to something I experience from time to time. I'm not sure if it's paranormal or not, it probably isn't but I'd like everyones input just the same. Last time it happened was 2-3 weeks ago. I was in my girlfriends bed all comfy and sleeping...
  19. Negan

    A collection of small happenings.

    Interesting lamdo263, I appreciate your input.