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    NYC 1911

    People wonder what it is like to time travel and here is my answer. Going back one hundred years feels a lot like being in an old movie. There were some cars. However, it looks a lot different than now. This is NYC 1911 and this is close to what you see.

    sour news

    I have a bit of sour news. Here it is. Yesterday, an executive ask me for help in making an investment. They wanted me to ask aliens what the future will give us. Basically, if they should make an investment or not and what to expect to see. I did as I was asked by going astral time travel and...


    Theodore Woodward said, "When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not zebras". AI can turn horses into zebras and that is worrisome.


    Question for you. Why is it that when people do physical time travel they do not materialize in outer space. After all, the earth is moving.


    This story sounds like it came from the onion. Man Steals 88K From Wells Fargo And Flexes Money On Social Media • The Hollywood Unlocked Man Detained By FBI After He Flaunted $88G That He Stole From Bank

    uncanny valley

    Aliens are scary. The uncanny valley might be one reason. Often, they have long spidery fingers and long creepy arms. Welcome To Uncanny Valley What are your thoughts on why aliens are scary?

    Is our reality a computer simulation or a video game?

    Disney is following the latest trend with a new movie. FREE GUY is about an NPC in a video game. Basically, he wakes up. He finds out that his humdrum life is actually a video game. I am sure... that most of my psychic abilities come from me realizing that our reality is simply a video game...

    Not a UFO

    Not a UFO, but I filmed it anyway. It is the SpaceX Dragon on its way to the ISS or international space station - wow. Still, for a few seconds, I did not know what it was. Certainly, it is incredible to be walking and suddenly see a rocket right in front of you. There was very little noise...

    Get your robots off our streets

    Back in the 1950's people like my dad were told that in the year 2000 we would have flying cars. Also, men on mars. Well, here we are. They were also told that robots would be walking down our streets. Actually, they are rolling in this case. NYC tells FedEx to get their delivery robots ‘off...
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    Right now it is 17F in Quebec city and it was in the '70s two months ago. Yeah, the leaves were green. They were starting to turn red and orange. Most have fallen down and are a deep shade of brown. TIME changes things in a big way. Please take a look at how it was in September just two months...
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    Man in High Castle

    Man in High Castle is a TV series. Basically, it is a story where America loses WWII and Germany wins. Basically, think of it as an alternate timeline where democracy is gone. TAKEN FROM Opinion | "Man in the High Castle" suggests we still have a blind spot about American fascism "The story...
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    Today I got my first 5G phone - wow. The download speed is supposed to be more than 100 megabytes per sec. Well, I tested it and it was faster than my fiber optic line from the cable service. Also, I am close to a major highway. Folks, using 5G you can literally stream a 4K movie. Well, this...
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    Girl eats her own pony

    Girl eats her own pony. She says he was the best meat ever. Daddy, I wanna pony. Daddy, I wanna eat my pony. Teen eats her own horse after it was put down and says it was 'best meat ever' Teen slammed for eating her OWN horse after it was put down: 'It's not better for the meat to be eaten by...
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    OK sign is racism

    Like you can't make this up. It is just too crazy. Right now, there are some left wingers... that say the um OK sign is racism. Please send me to another timeline as one is FUBAR to the max. Anti-Defamation League labels 'OK' hand gesture as racist The ‘OK’ symbol is now racist?
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    My vacation to Canada is over. I prefer 69 F degrees in Montreal to 96 F in Miami. Hey, I really do like Vieux-Québec.
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    Hey, can GE survive?

    John Titor said that in 2036 he was using a GE C204 time machine, but my question is - hey, can GE survive? Here might be our answer.
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    Electric cars

    Right now less than one percent of the vehicles on the road are electric and for good reason. Charging stations are rare. The State of Electric Vehicle Adoption in the U.S. My prediction is that...
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    Yesterday is an alternate time line movie. OK, so in this ATL the Beatles songs never were. I believe that in the movie... John, Paul, George, and Ringo never were. Strange concept to be sure. Well, look at the trailer - here it is.
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    World's first folding PC

    Lenovo made a breakthrough that is amazing. World's first folding PC is upon us. Hey, we do like the idea of a PC that your could fit into a coat pocket, but the problem was always the large screen. Well, those days are over. Lenovo shows off the world’s first foldable PC
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    Australia will kill millions of cats

    Australia will kill millions of cats. They will use poison sausages. Cats all, folks: Australia aims to kill 2 million feral felines by 2020 Australia is trying to...