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  1. Kairos

    Interesting Sasquatch-Related Story from NC

    Seems more likely that, if it were a sasquatch, the boy was abducted by the thing in the first place and it hid him the briar patch before running off when the dogs caught on to their scents.
  2. Kairos


    Here's my story I will share with you guys. When I was a child, my father used to drive me out to the Appalachians each year to vacation in his second home. We often would stop at my step-mother's great aunt's house on the return trip in Asheville. This was the mid-1980s. Her property was atop...
  3. Kairos

    A or B Theory

    It seems like most people here assume that the past exists in a real sense. I am curious as to how you justify that. In order to travel to some place, it has to actually exist. But how do you prove the past exists?