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    What Is Stonehenge?

    Stonehenge is a giant stone circle located in Britain. It was built around 3150 years ago,many believe by its ancient inhabitants. Whats remarkable about Stonehenge is that its stones were not just lying around, they were transported from thousands of miles away. Worse yet they are thousands of...
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    Mythical Beings: Azeman

    The Azeman is the South American version of a vampire. It can walk in the day but only in its human form. The Azeman is in legend a beautiful women. At night they turn into bats and feed on unsuspecting people who wander in the dark using their dark color as camouflage. The Azeman is obsessed...
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    I'm shield, i'm here to explore, learn, and share my research and well any other information I find with the community.
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    A 5$ Course On Witchcraft?

    According to witchcraft is an easy to learn thing that just takes practice. There are two instructors that are positive they can teach you easy rituals that will make your life better. What do you think of this? I'm defiantly not gonna pay for it but i'm not you guys. Leave...
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    Is This A Real Dragon?

    This article was posted on science blogs February of last year. The picture shows a tiny creature that is supposedly a small dragon. What do you think?
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    Zombies! Of All Kinds!

    According to many different writers and lovers of the prospect of the zombie as a horror icon there are many kinds of zombies. So i'm gonna name a few. Courtesy of uncyclopedia. Slow moving zombie- your classic brain eating, blood drenched zombie...
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    Biblical Creation Or Scientific? Maybe Both.

    Many people today have come up with a belief on how the universe was formed. Whether it was formed through a supreme god of all or multiple god who run it all with different positions given to them. Maybe it was created through a giant exposition that started time and gave matter to the...