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    I get off on dealing with dark energy , send me a private message when you are back here if your situation hasn't cleared I'm not on here much anymore as I work for demonologist ,my present is mediumship Kind regards
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    can i travel back in time and change my decision?

    Yes I agree with classical fan and sanic hotdog , life is a learning place to make mistakes in and correct them as you continue your journey through life and as far as any mistakes you made ten years ago ,just believe never existed / never happened and move on up your spiritual path
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    Many psychics couldn't view past that date probably cause some were wannabe psychics and the rest probably got the same rumour as everyone else and all the psychics involved were fakers
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    Terrorist Attacks

    Legit , an enemy to one, is an enemy to the other
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    Says in the Bible something like (not in my actual words) but ww3 Armageddon would be started by middle Eastern country and I personally believe in my own opinion that country wouldn't be north Korea but likely Iran , trump's got to be careful who he winds up especially China and Russia
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    Debate What is the very nature of Time?

    Do you know what your doing , so you set your alarm clock to wake you up for work so your not late ,your doctor's appointment so your not late ,you don't need to know the time when it's evening you just look out the window and wait for the sky to turn dark
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    Terrorist Attacks

    Meant you don't know the time of the attack ,just put my reading glasses on
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    Terrorist Attacks

    All I will say is key words like terrorist attacks or simply terrorist are monitored especially on twitter and Facebook , anywhere else then your guess is as good as mine and in all honesty if anyone on here is ever caught up in a terrorist attack , really there's nothing you can do about it...
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    Did Police Lie About Alabama Mall Shooter? Is the Shooter Still Out There?

    If the police lied and the shooter was still out there then the shooter would still be shooting wouldn't the shooter
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    I'm old school also , a new hope ,ESB, rotj that's my star wars generation , anyway getting back to trump , he's president of the states and many involved in shooting in Pennsylvania yesterday , what's he doing about that when he's not preoccupied slagging off the mayor of London over here in...
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    Yes I know that thank you but it's simply a question
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    In my main career over the years there's just one query I've got ,now you said you can pass spirits over , can you tell me please In full details step by step how you cross the spirits from the border their in your country ( land of the living realm) across the channel to the afterlife realm ,I...
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    Message on my phone

    Severe depression can cause a person to make up a story then believe it actually happened, alot of people believe depression and anxiety are not serious but they are , many forms of anxiety can turn into medical situations and lots of people believe the word depression just means sad or down in...
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    Ghost Communicate With Me Over My CB Radio

    That's possible but and the big but non skeptical but truth ,might not be ghosts but more likely static crossed radio frequency and it's hard for member Veronica to provide instant proof ,she must likely believed that when it happens , then posted this thread,so in all honesty what's she...
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    How to summon spirit guides?

    In 2010 ,I worked for celebrity television programme as an adviser , mentioning that just incase anymore members wish to question my experience and knowledge in fields I'm well versed in ,anyway ,spirits hear us through our everyday talking as when a person talks they are also reciting their...
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    So Paula jedi , how do you account for this then , Luke Skywalker was a jedi correct , Palpatine told anakin of a powerful sith lord called Darth plagus the wise who eventually consumed the force and it killed him , Luke Skywalker did exactly the same in the last jedi so what's the difference...
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    He says this he states that ,sound worse than the stepford wives !, Yes I do clearly state what I said with fact And what was my previous employment , did I work for space center or did I work in McDonald's ! Ive had lots coincidences centred around me from my location being my full name ,not...
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    In all honesty time travel only exists if you suffer with schizophrenia , I've had many qualified career's and the only people seperated from the norm is people with mental illness , so next thread ,how many members are going to admit they have a mental illness ? Never seen anything in the...
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    Does President Trump have a Time Machine?

    Ok a book in 1890 mentioning a baron trump ok, are you hundred per cent certain that Donald trump didn't know about and has read that book before naming his son Baron ,or could this really be a major breakthrough that you need to tell the media about