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  1. Dreamwarrior

    God ?

    So god ,angels&demons,spirits&aliens ,I wonder how all fits together , did Jesus Christ ride into Bethlehem on a donkey, flying saucer or drive up in a lamb.borgini ?
  2. Dreamwarrior

    Area 51

    So what's the truth is area 51 a secret place for the study of UFOs or is it just a military aircraft experimental installation and also if area 51 was a place for UFOs then why broadcast a secret and also why hasnt area 51 been closed down if its so UFO authentic , are Americans so thick to...
  3. Dreamwarrior

    fact or fiction

    Said on the news other year , nasa receives sos from alien planet at war ,well if true ,they've come to the right planet then.
  4. Dreamwarrior


    hello I am dream warrior .
  5. Dreamwarrior

    if psychiatrists had been around in biblical times would jesus christ be classed as scizophenic?

    Aliens in news send sos to earth about help with a war ,well they come to the right planet then.