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    Lost Treasures of the lost city of Paititi

    Most people have heard the story of El Dorado, a city full of gold lost somewhere in the rainforests of South America. In fact, El Dorado is actually a legend about a ... Read HERE
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    The Bhagavad Gita, Oppenheimer and Nuclear Weapons

    J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904 – 1967) was an American theoretical physicist, best known for his role as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, the World War Read HERE
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    The Lost Continent of Kumari Kandam

    Most people are familiar with the story of Atlantis, the legendary sunken city as described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. To this day, opinion is still divided as to Read HERE
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    Busted!! H.A.A.R.P UFO Shocking Video! Share This Before Its Shut Down! 2014

    Busted!! H.A.A.R.P UFO Shocking Video! Share This Before Its Shut Down! 2014 Watch HERE
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    Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem

    Remarkable ancient relics have been discovered, that could totally rewrite Egyptian history. The artifacts, which were discovered in a former home of Sir William Petrie in Jerusalem, were allegedly taken by representatives of... Read HERE
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    Moving Rock On Mars! Alien Creature Found On Rover Pictures

    Spirit Rover took a sequence of five images over an approximate seven day period that showed what appears to be an animal near a distinctive set of rocks. Two of the five images show an object that appears where other images ... Read HERE
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    UFO Shoots Red Beam At Earth Seen On Live Space Station Cam, Dec 5, 2014

    This UFO caught on space station live cam is glowing red and has a beam of red light shooting from it to Earth. Although red UFOs have been seen near the ISS, witnessing a beam of light from one of then has never Read HERE
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    The U.S. Has Secret Craft That Can Reach The Moon In 90 Minutes

    Listen carefully what Cernan is saying after 8:00 mins of video. You think it may be a slip!!! I doubt it. Despite the fact that there's no physical evidence that corroborates the claims of Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, An... Read HERE
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    Gigantic 'ghost skeleton' appears in haunted cemetery snap

    A couple were having a stroll next to a Victorian chapel and decided to get a few pictures - but were shocked to see the ghoulish 'skeleton' in the background It isn't Read HERE
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    Mysterious Humanoid Caught Next To Mars Curiosity Rover

    Mysterious Humanoid Caught Next To Mars Curiosity Rover Read HERE
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    Ammo Box Found On Mars By NASA Spirit Rover?

    Ammo Box Found On Mars By NASA Spirit Rover? Read HERE
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    Is Earth a Prison/Slave Planet ?

    Science has proven that “hominids” have lived on this planet for a very long time. It has also proven that Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Cro-Magnon or Modern man) have not. Our ancestors arrived here as interstellar prisoners approxi... Read HERE
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    Aliens wearing ‘human suits’ visited casinos in Las Vegas, Former US Air Force Serviceman claims

    For centuries, people have argued over the possibility of existence of aliens. There have been incidents reported by humans claiming seeing extraterrestrial beings on .......... Read HERE
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    (VIDEO) Another Football loving ghost caught on camera!

    A ghost has been spotted on camera running around the perimeter of a football field in Argentina. The spooky silhouette of a man was clearly seen jogging around the field on camera during the match between Racing and Read HERE
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    The S.S. Watertown Phantom Faces

    James Courtney and Michael Meehan were cleaning a cargo tank on the S.S. Watertown on its way to New York City, in 1924. The men were overcome with gas fumes Read HERE
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    Impossible Object Found On Mars.

    I have no idea what this anomaly could be, but considering its apparent pristine condition, I would speculate, that it could be a fragment from a much larger artifact, possibly a jettisoned part from a Martian vehicle, Read HERE
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    Alien Sabotage in Russia?

    In Russia on March 26, 2014 an incident occurred in the city of Niznhevartovsk, electricity was interrupted completely and were stated that it was an alien sabotage, was presented on television in Russia, because there is evi... Read HERE
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    Time Traveler John Titor Predictions for 2015

    On the 2nd of November in the year 2000, a user by the name of ‘TimeTravel_0′ on the ‘Time Travel Institute Forums‘ began a thread that stated he was from the year 2036 and began answering users questions. The user later r... Read HERE
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    Is Our Sun a MASSIVE UFO Stargate?

    NASA’s Stereo spacecraft monitoring the Sun began registering huge spherical UFO’s in the vicinity of the Sun around January 18, 2010. According to one observer, the UFOs, “appear to be moving as they are in different po... Read HERE