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    Does light travel?

    if the aether medium is a real physical medium like Tesla, Stubblefield and Heaviside all said existed how can light work? Is light really traveling or is it being absorbed and re-transmitted by the aether substructure? light is like a transverse water wave. Where is it's boundary layer where...
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    happy face

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    "Truth without Proof"/Law of one

    In the channeled law of one material rumored to be required reading in the secret space programs it mentions that it intentionally provides information and "truth without proof" for one reason. Says it's to preserve the freewill to remain ignorant. What you find is it does provide proof but...
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    Project to develop side effects of time travel technology

    looking for people interested in helping develop the side effects of time travel fields upon materials for profit. let me know if interested.
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    ZPE and time travel

    Space is ZPE Time is matter's absorption of space ZPE Reverse the ZPE's direction and presto time travel.
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    Time Travel consultation service

    Starting a private consultation service answering any question. Time travel and other subjects by phone.
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    How to get rid of paranoid conspiracy theorists

    How to Get Rid of Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists The Mind Unleashed Mar 24, 2018 4 Are you as sick and tired as I am of all those tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy nutters who express skepticism whenever the kind and beneficent US intelligence agencies bestow us with urgent information about a...
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    Is the stargate in the tv show real?

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    Hot fusion and time travel

    Turns out there's a link to making hot fusion feasible.
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    Mythology, consciousness and time travel

    Why is the highest god in greek mythology also the god of time? Is it due to time machine fields causing the weird side effect of consciousness expansion? Is time and god the same thing?
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    Sugar that cures cancer

    Came up with a new invention, sugar and icecream that cures cancer. thoughts?
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    Is discovering time travel the same as discovering the aether?

    Would the correct aether model of spacetime/aether show us how to alter time? Is that the actual discovery of time travel? How are we supposed to alter spacetime without knowing it?
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    Weird question for everyone

    When humans die they go to a future 5d astral afterlife. Like a parallel dimensional earth. Since we know the 3rd dimensional earth has an astral body(can see it when projecting), after the sun dies taking with it the earth does the earth astral body have an afterlife it travels to? Where and...
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    Sanctify the past vs careless future

    do people sanctify their pasts while thinking the future isn't important? is that why people think changing the past is wrong or immoral? If you're not born would spirit be defeated and prevent you from forever incarnating?
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    is time travel real?

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    Consciousness definition and it's connection to time travel

    What is consciousness? It's like a macguffin, nobody knows. What you discover is consciousness is just a network. Like the network of neurons in the brain. Is there another network buried within it that extends all throughout space? Answer is yes. When you alter yourself with high vibration...
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    Great pyramid solved

    The pyramid was built from the inside out. Some french researchers got access and found a spiral tunnel inside on the outer edge of the pyramid just inside the surface. The notch at the top of the pyramid at one corner hasn't been fully explored. Was an internal spiral ramp with a pulley system...