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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19??? Aersolized. Just by breathing. Self isolate. Stay at home if you don't have to go out and if you do wear the mask.
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    The link was mine This is dr john campbell If youre not following him now is a good time to start. He has over 40 years in your nhs. All of his data has been on point. Some may find the content dry but thats analytics for you. Dry number crunching.
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    Hi from a newby

    Howdy. Im originally from mew braunfels myself.
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    Conversating/ helping me out my situation

    Let their be no stigma to mental illness. I get mental health therapy. Not over time travel beliefs although anyone that knows anything on the subject should know exactly where I stand on that from my screen name.
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    No , i follow dr john campell. 17 days. Also , its been reported as aerosolized. Wear a mask in public. Keep your eyes covered too. Sun glasses. Yes practice aocialndistqncing. My own givernments advice? Fucking trump wants...
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    Oh noo no no no. You havent been following this close enough. It is airborn. Thats part of why it is everywhere. Up to three hours in air is what ive read. Upto 17 days on surfaces. It is hardy. Thats a big part of the problem. Most cases are not deadly. Only 4 percent.. but on global...
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    Well there is more to it then that. Those youtube videos claiming to emit square wave frequencies are bogus as is everything going by spooky. Spookys are not rife machines. Their are two types : contact emitters and plasma bulb emitters . This stuff dont work through your typical speaker.
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    Weak is not a word i would use in the context of any virus. Royal rife put forth the idea that the biggest problem with viri is their polymorphic nature. People balked. On this side of the century the polymorphic nature of viruses is considered ground breaking. The frequencies i use are...
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    Things id like to clarify at this moment... Currently the covid19 death toll is over 21000 world wide. Italy and spain hqve .ore deaths than china... but china has been lying their communist qsses off. Their desire to save face and look clean and blameless is a big part of the pandemic. The...
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    PROOF Of My Time/Travelers/Alien Contacts

    What the hay would a time traveler even need money for? Like seriously , this sounds scammy as stink. Qurnos never asked for a dime nor did titor. But you need a dollar . That aint gonna happen buddy. Real time travelers seem to be able to solve that issue with a flip of a switch. Babe...
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    Forum Game The Word Association

    Save some time
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    Can you control the weather with your mind?

    Long time no see. Also that!!!! Everything he just said.
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    Will this lead to John Titor's forecast that Japan was "forcefully annexed" before N Day?

    Oh god... is this why youre bumping old ren threads... please fr3aking stop.
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    How prepared should I be for COVID-19???

    ..... Knowledge. Ive owned a rife machine for over a decade now. Thoughly tested it on many things. Bought one for the ex in lasalle about 4 or 5 years ago since she has our boy. And if things get real bad i can walk there from here in two days time but in this case , if my sons life is...
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    PROOF Of My Time/Travelers/Alien Contacts

    Nobody has the money right now. Aint you heard? Quarintine is the order of the day on a pesky freqking virus can can survive upto 17 days on surfaces... and every new infection resets the quarintine to day zero.... it freking sucks but i get it completely. Stay home from work or go outside and...
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    Suicidal thoughts pt 3

    I responded in your part two. Here ill just remind you that one day the sun will turn into a red giant and expand past the earth. Even if we become interstellar , the universe will end. Everything is transite. Temporary. Fleeting. If your too busy trying to become memorable how are you even...
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    Suicidal thoughts pt. 2

    Have you tried exMining your negative thoughts in the moment your experiencing them, pumping the breaks and telling yourself, this is not the kind of thought i wNt to have... boring or netruL thoughts would be better if i cNt find a positive thiught... Life is tsmporary. Were all gonna die...
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    Ren's General Comments

    Also ren has done a ton of posting and glp and lop... he aint titor im telling you. I mean believe as you wish as is your right but i just saying ... he aint a time lord, nor a spirituap pharoh nor thorn,.or anything else he has ever claimed across the many ct sites of the web
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    Ren's General Comments

    Lol No no no I was responding to ren trying to get him to quit his bs... Pam is a member her too. I originally made her acquaintance at ats, confirmed it through tti. Saw she was here one day. Nice gal. Big into angles last i heard. As for different titors... And what not.... i dont know...