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    Quantum computer time travel?
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    War Tracker

    How about a thread that tracks the war, as it begins to heat up. The "Left" is starting to arm. Sides are being drawn. Yesterday might very well be considered the first shot in this war...
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    A cold civil war

    Throw the wrapping paper away, and what's left is the gift inside. John titor, almost certainly fake, had some insight. Blog: A cold civil war
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    Language is changing

    A tweet from a DC influencer Eric Garland on Twitter "If the Trump confederates are shown to have conspired to sell off our national security, then Nunes was in on it or covered their tracks." Confederates is a pretty loaded term, there's a lot synonyms he could have chosen instead.
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    /r/nosleep 2017 backup

    This was posted on Reddit, and then deleted. I found a copy in google cache... but i thought hey why not post a copy here for posterity. Hey everyone. So several months ago, but really since I remember, I started getting into /r/luciddreaming. But that was one place I visited. I was obsessed...
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    Some proof Ren is titor i dug up

    Okay, so it's super critical to remember. Everything he does is "slightly off". It's intentional. Here is is attempt to prove himself: Ren did an IAMA 2 years ago: [by request] I am John Titor AMA • /r/InternetAMA Here's an interesting conversation in there: [by request] I am John Titor AMA...
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    It rhymes, but is off

    So in his chats from October 14th, 2000 He writes this "TimeTravel_0 : Nothing happens...but there is a nuclear war in 2015. G° : bugger TimeTravel_0 : Its not that bad. TimeTravel_0 : The bombs are much cleaner. G° : i guess not wyrmkin_37 : china and russia? TimeTravel_0 : There's a civial...
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    The only way to find this, is to search for it

    Hill and Bill 2016 : titor
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    My theory on Titor

    To say that Titor is a hoax, is to ignore the mountain of unlikely coincidences. The fact is, Titor was writing in 1999 about a conflict with Russia in 2015, he wrote how things "Just won't seem the same by 2008", and about a divided america after an election. He knew things about a computer...
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    Guys it was in front of our eyes the whole time

    John Titor Letter 177 tempus edax rerum Tempus is a Latin word meaning time Edax is a Latin adjective meaning "greedy, gluttonous, rapacious, voracious". Rerum Novarum (from its first two words, Latin for "of revolutionary change"[n 1]),
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    Search for the truck

    I'm curious, according to the story John titor came here on a truck which he brought back through time. That means in theory, there's a truck that exists out of place. Has anyone searched ebay/craigslist/internet for such a truck? If we did find one, how could you prove it was his?
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    Searching the web for time travelers
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    Weird dream

    It was probably just a crazy dream, but its an interesting read none the less Is it possible to have a dream so realistic and vivid that not only do you remember everything, you can't believe it's actually a dream? I had just graduated from college in the summer of 2016 (my mom had died in...
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    Time Traveler?

    JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 2011 by William Edison (Wiltheedisonman) on Myspace I'm inclined to say no, as its a bit to general.. and theres just plain wrong facts. Still it's interesting. Thoughts?