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  1. Emperor Time

    Discord Server Shutdown

    It's for the best since it was getting pretty bad over there.
  2. Emperor Time

    I'm Traveler

    A very interesting thread.
  3. Emperor Time

    I'm from 2146, ask me anything

    From what I been hearing when it comes to winning the lottery, the best way is supposedly having a group of veteran remote viewers working on winning it as a group until they win it I think?
  4. Emperor Time

    Re : Steven Gibbs

    Like in X-Files, "I Want to Believe" but agree that time machines might never exist for real. But been obsessed with time travel for so long that I wish there was some way to travel through time, even if the only way is through wormholes or time dilation like in that Interstellar movie for...
  5. Emperor Time

    My Introduction.

    Thank you and agree and thanks for the advice too.
  6. Emperor Time

    My Introduction.

    Thank you for the warm welcome. :)
  7. Emperor Time

    How did you find Paranormalis ?

    Found this great website and forum while looking for more data on the subject of Hyper Dimensional Resonators and the like.
  8. Emperor Time

    My Introduction.

    I have been obsessed with time travel since I was a little kid. And been hearing about the Hyper Dimensional Resonator for years too since Steven L. Gibbs was a guest on Coast to Coast AM. One of my dreams is to build a fully functional Hyper Dimensional Resonator someday and to first master...