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  1. Parazite1986

    A plan to make a flux cap scooter( revised)

    The flux capacitor was invented by John Bajak and was featured in my schematics of the scooter and the bike before I went on the hiatus. Now that I studied a bit more than usual for a 33 year old, I have a friend who will help me in time travel projects and I found several stores that are...
  2. Parazite1986

    My first Flux Capacitor

    I tried my hand at making a Bajak Flux capacitor with my husband. It turned out that after trying the Bajak method, I left it on and saw shades of people in my room. I am still skeptical about it but then I had a long way to create a portable time machine like I saw on Family Guy that comes in a...
  3. Parazite1986

    Hello there from a fellow colleague

    It has been a long time since a Yahoo! Group been put into misuse and I had some issues that prevented me from working on time travel. But since I got older, I forgot time travel and got swamped with bs. Now to start off where I left off by saying hi and starting to build time machines again