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  1. iamonarch

    Opposing beliefs/religions/spirituality.

    --Your posts are strange. They're almost more like journal entries than questions or even statements about specific topics...I'm bored, though, so I'm gonna' response all the same X D --A lot of countries have nukes, indeed, and some of those countries strongly identify with particular religious...
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    --The last time I posted on an "Introduction" I felt the need to needlessly provide an analytical breakdown of the new member's username...but only because someone asked about it X D --@~Anastasya~ is pretty self explanatory...I find it interesting you join around Easter, as early Christians...
  3. iamonarch

    Is the bible real?

    --Well...In my opinion...Conscious is the incorporeal counterpart to corporeal reality. --Quantum mechanics is the study of the very small, right? So...looking at things through the realm of infinity...We can assume the universe is really, REALLY big. So then quacks (the smallest known subatomic...
  4. iamonarch

    Is anyone able to recommend a spell caster?

    --White magick isn't a thing...but if it was a thing...I'd say...Dark Magician X D --No, but seriously...I'll cast whatever you want me to cast...Fishing line...Fishing net...A new actor to play the Joker (Willem Defoe X D)...any time, any where X D --X D Joking, but really, now...'Sup? What...
  5. iamonarch

    LBRP | Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

    --Dude, this isn't even a question... o...O --Unless people just post threads now to state basic information about random stuff...? --I just did that X D but I had a reason--namely, a question. --You gotta' give people something to do, man, otherwise it's like standing on the fountain in the...
  6. iamonarch

    Magick: Question on Theory

    --Science, or to be more specific fields such as anthropology and psychology, purpose magick to be in essence little more than dramatic elements of religious systems within their respective cultures. As cultures developed, religions arose as a means of (among other things) social order and, by...
  7. iamonarch

    A possible theory on observable time

    --Dude, you're not dumb--@Harte is just a beast master monster machine... --I know a ridiculous amount of stuff about reality and spirituality and all kinds of things, but for me (like you) equations might as well be (and without understanding they are) meaningless lines. --...People like Harte...
  8. iamonarch

    Questions for hell believers.

    --Well, actually not entirely, but it looks like my message got cut off somehow: After that "r" that's just hanging there was a story about...well, a lot of what @Kairos was talking about earlier in the thread (I don't actually know how to "link" members or whatever yet, so I know the "@" is...
  9. iamonarch

    Is the bible real?

    --...Fair point, I guess, but what does this have to do with what I said, or in other words why quote me and then say this? --...Are you asking me, "What causes consciousness?" --Is there a pop-culture reference in there that I'm not understanding...? --I am so confused X D
  10. iamonarch

    A possible theory on observable time

    --I didn't read any of anything anyone posted (including the op), which is rude I know, but I just had to say: --A theory on observable time, huh? I got one for ya'...A clock. --...BOOM X D
  11. iamonarch

    Is the bible real?

    --X D Can I just say that I love every one of your questions: I could literally spend all day replying to each of these in turn. I'm not going to, as that would be weird... --...I'm no one's personal guru unless I'm getting sex X D
  12. iamonarch

    Hello Everyone

    --I probably shouldn't say this, mainly because this is an introductory posting--by the way, "Hello, Elohim's Servant, nice to meet you"--and I'm not sure if you're really asking or just pointing out that Elohim is actually a plural and thus the singular possessive suffix renders the intention...
  13. iamonarch

    Questions for hell believers.

    1. Q: Do you believe in Hell? --A: I did for a long time, I guess...but not anymore. I was raised Christian and got to the point where I just wanted to know if this thing everyone was so uppity about--Christ, "God," etc.--was real or not, so (like many, I assume) I decided to test it by delving...
  14. iamonarch

    What is saturn?

    Mos def...and alas the entire theory proposed in relation to the initial question is rendered null and void... X D Nah, just playing--I do get what you're saying, and yeah Mars and Earth both have an abundancy of iron, especially in their cores. A great deal more iron remained on the surface of...
  15. iamonarch

    Debate Why can't I point out pseudoscience?

    --...I like this guy X D
  16. iamonarch

    What is saturn?

    --Dude...Saturn is a planet. --... --But really, though, yes, Saturn is associated with the Kabba in Mecca, the black cube, and at least in the sense of late medieval theology/philosophy one of the "spheres" of the afterlife (an idea that was heavily influenced by ancient astronomy, yes, but...
  17. iamonarch

    How to do magick without complex rituals

    --You say you want to believe, but don't have the time/freedom to pursue possibilities, so you want advice on how obtain guidance from a higher power in times of trouble...and I assume you don't mean guidance from the Tetragrammaton (God of the Judeo-Christian faith). --The Christian religion...