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    Light Speed Travel In 600+ Years

    Hi, I am Anthony Giarrusso and my prediction light speed travel for humans will be coming either around or before 11,000 years from now. From 0MPH flying to speed of sound flying was (1871-1947) = 76 years. (1947 to 2024) = 77 years [Achieved Mach 9] = X9 Speed of sound is 767.269148MPH Speed...
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    🚨 A.I. Might Put UFO Community At Risk 🚨

    Do you think that in the near future that artificial intelligence will become so realistic that FAKE UFOs that look more real than movie UFOs will be used to fool the public and put them in the mindset that UFOs are NOT REAL or ALL HOAXED which will lead to heavier ridicule and scrutiny of REAL...
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    It will not come from the government. It will come from us. Leadership is needed for the spectrums of paranormal phenomenon and their experiencers to share their stories. There are so few skeptics and ridiculers that I believe this is the best time (This Year 2024) to get this information out...