1. Magic

    What is the meaning of this in a dream?

    I am in a dream,a lucid dream!!I have very much curiosity in a dream from a child.I am a regular lucid dreamer But one day when I am in a dream,I met a person who I think is so much knowledgeable.So,I asked him that what is the reality of dream!! And he trusted me and tries to give me the answer...
  2. Beholder

    Bending the rules of dreams

    Whenever wondering if I'm dreaming, I try flying, which does not work in reality or future visions. Walking in a future vision drains real energy from full balance physics. But to preserve energy from doing balance calculations in simplified dreams, the feeling of falling in any direction...
  3. Mako

    I’m here to discuss mostly about time travel

    As a kid I’ve always loved time travel, I’ve dreamt of it and imagined it. Always wanting it to be real, hoping some traveler themselves would randomly come up to me someday and recruit me. Ive always wanted time travel for my own selfish needs wether it be to fix mistakes I’ve made in...
  4. E

    [ Interpretation: Violent dream ] A shocking encounter with a dark robed "vampire" like person/entity

    ( WARNING! My dream contained blood and rape. Please do not read this if you are under 18. Of course I won't wrote about deeper details the process or anything, but it has a deep effect on me and I'd like to find out it's reason, so please, if you have any idea, feel free to share with me. I'll...