1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    About Non-Fictional Beings

    Truths of real beings and entities observed should be shared with the world. Maybe you can relate if you have seen bizarre things like me. I drew a few pictures so you could understand what I've encountered better. If you have you had your own sightings and if so comment below and post an image.
  2. ArthurPandragon

    Enochian stuff

    Dear all, I recently came back into Enochian magick, I had met this stuff again and again so numerous times that it became hilarous. More serioulsy, I was heavily skeptical towards the work of John Dee. But, it serioulsy matches with real phenomena and all the more crossroads with other topics...
  3. Antinventor2020

    Videos and Recordings of Supernatural Entities

    This thread is dedicated to the discussion and sharing of videos and recordings of supernatural entities. I must advise the posters on this thread not to publish fake videos and threads. This thread, honestly, likely wouldn't get many real videos/recordings, if any at all. Still, I have decided...