et contact

  1. OakFieldAlienz444

    Just had a followup dream and achieved ET contact--NOT KIDDING THIS IS REALLY STRANGE

    I just had a followup OBE where I found myself in a small but comfy nice room with a computer and nice windows and a desk etc. I start seeing yellow balls of light congregating around in the ceiling. Lots of strangeness. I then hear a voice it sounds kind of----the best I can describe it is a...
  2. Classicalfan626

    SRV (Scientific Remote Viewing)

    Since I feel that my previous threads related to ET contact have run their course, I thought I'd start a completely new thread. Many times I have come across something called SRV, an abbreviation for Scientific Remote Viewing. I recently saw a segment of an Ancient Aliens series that focused on...
  3. Classicalfan626

    Coming in contact with Dr. Steven Greer

    As a lot of you guys are already aware, I'm seeking contact with ETs for the purpose of doing something related to time travel. And as I recall, Dr. Steven Greer is the right person to talk to regarding ET contact. I remember him suggesting some sort of deep meditation for that, and I've tried...