1. Antinventor2020

    Alchemy Experiments

    This thread is dedicated to the discussion and sharing experiments involving alchemy. If anyone knows of one, please tell. I presume it may have a transmutation circle
  2. Antinventor2020

    Experiences With ESP and Occult

    Greetings. My name is Anthony. I consider myself an explorer in many scientific unconventional fields, like overunity and ESP. Although I am mainly into electrical engineering when I grow older, I take interest into the occult. I seek to know what's out there, what sources I can trust, and what...
  3. Antinventor2020

    Overunity Circuits/Free Energy Circuits

    Greetings. I'm just gonna get straight to the point. I'm on what seems to be a never-ending quest for clean, alternative energy sources. This quest has lead me to the patents of Nikola Tesla's "Radiant Energy", it has lead me to Thomas E Bearden, and to others I cannot recall off the top of my...