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  1. AfraidofGnomes

    Not sure if Paranormal or Cryptid

    When I was little, I was haunted by this ghost I dubbed Goldie, but because I was 3 I don't really remember anything about him, except for the stories my mom and my god-mother would tell me. Like, how he would chase me into the kitchen and I would hide under the kitchen table to get away from...
  2. Khaos

    A head peeking over a tombstone

    This was taken in 2018 from the same cemetery where I witnessed eerie lights: I took this picture with several others and didn't notice the head until after I reviewed the pictures. The stones in this part of the cemetery are recent...
  3. P

    Media Caught this on my camera Troll Demon Spirit Ghost Paranormal ?

    Troll Demon Spirit Ghost Paranormal ? Evidence of other dimensions realities densities and realms. The world we see is but a small spectrum of the larger Universe. Moved to a new place and caught this on my security camera. Looks like some sort of mini troll. Don't know what it is. You can see...
  4. Antinventor2020

    Any schematics for a circuit on communicating with the dead?

    I heard Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla worked separately on ghost communication devices. I was wondering if anyone had a device to hear words from ghosts or other supernatural beings. I've attempted to make a Trans-Dimensional Communicator, but with no results. Any circuit ideas or apparatuses...
  5. P

    Ghost dog

    My old family dog was put down a few years ago and her spirits been knocking around the house since. She was very active this halloween and im afraid shes feeling neglected. How do i give her pets??
  6. Veronica

    Ghost Communicate With Me Over My CB Radio

    Ghost Communicate:eek: with me over My CB Radio. Feeling scared:rolleyes::eek::alien: