1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Where do they go? (Ghosts)

    I stated wondering, "Where do they do?" I've seen plenty of ghosts for less then 10 seconds that seem like they are in a rush or hurry when moving. Then they disappear. Where are they headed? Where do they go? Will these ghosts make it to their final destination? Have other ghost experiencers...
  2. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Where do they go? (Natural Portals)

    Are natural portals real? Are aircraft, submarines, and ships really disappearing in places like the Bermuda Triangle and the Marysburgh Vortex? I ask this because I've had so many paranormal experiences including what I call ghost airplane sightings. I've had three in my lifetime, but all at...
  3. S

    Demon or something visiting me

    I need help, this has been going on for awhile now....... wonder if anyone has any insight or maybe had it happen to them idk. its not a dream, I see it in the middle of the night, not always but sometimes, more often when my health is bad. It wears all black, has long wet hair, upside down...
  4. AfraidofGnomes

    Not sure if Paranormal or Cryptid

    When I was little, I was haunted by this ghost I dubbed Goldie, but because I was 3 I don't really remember anything about him, except for the stories my mom and my god-mother would tell me. Like, how he would chase me into the kitchen and I would hide under the kitchen table to get away from...
  5. Khaos

    A head peeking over a tombstone

    This was taken in 2018 from the same cemetery where I witnessed eerie lights: I took this picture with several others and didn't notice the head until after I reviewed the pictures. The stones in this part of the cemetery are recent...
  6. P

    Media Caught this on my camera Troll Demon Spirit Ghost Paranormal ?

    Troll Demon Spirit Ghost Paranormal ? Evidence of other dimensions realities densities and realms. The world we see is but a small spectrum of the larger Universe. Moved to a new place and caught this on my security camera. Looks like some sort of mini troll. Don't know what it is. You can see...
  7. Antinventor2020

    Any schematics for a circuit on communicating with the dead?

    I heard Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla worked separately on ghost communication devices. I was wondering if anyone had a device to hear words from ghosts or other supernatural beings. I've attempted to make a Trans-Dimensional Communicator, but with no results. Any circuit ideas or apparatuses...
  8. P

    Ghost dog

    My old family dog was put down a few years ago and her spirits been knocking around the house since. She was very active this halloween and im afraid shes feeling neglected. How do i give her pets??
  9. Veronica

    Ghost Communicate With Me Over My CB Radio

    Ghost Communicate:eek: with me over My CB Radio. Feeling scared:rolleyes::eek::alien: