1. OakFieldAlienz444

    I used to be OakFieldAlienz444. Need pass for my old account OakFieldAlienz444 sent to my email

    So I forgot my password? Accidentally put a block on incoming messages from Paranormalis on my email linked to OakFieldAlienz444 which was If someone could either undo the block or switch it around so my other email can get a pass for...
  2. P

    Ghost dog

    My old family dog was put down a few years ago and her spirits been knocking around the house since. She was very active this halloween and im afraid shes feeling neglected. How do i give her pets??
  3. steph

    I saw a dragon when I was 6..... Need answers

    So where to start. I will try and be as detailed as possible. If I miss anything feel free to ask. Ok so I was around 6 years old. This was my first paranormal experience but definitely not the last. This experience has shaped me. I will never forget. It was around 4am..... dawn was...