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  1. OakFieldAlienz444

    I used to be OakFieldAlienz444. Need pass for my old account OakFieldAlienz444 sent to my email

    So I forgot my password? Accidentally put a block on incoming messages from Paranormalis on my email linked to OakFieldAlienz444 which was [email protected] If someone could either undo the block or switch it around so my other email [email protected] can get a pass for...
  2. P

    Ghost dog

    My old family dog was put down a few years ago and her spirits been knocking around the house since. She was very active this halloween and im afraid shes feeling neglected. How do i give her pets??
  3. steph

    I saw a dragon when I was 6..... Need answers

    So where to start. I will try and be as detailed as possible. If I miss anything feel free to ask. Ok so I was around 6 years old. This was my first paranormal experience but definitely not the last. This experience has shaped me. I will never forget. It was around 4am..... dawn was...