1. Beholder

    Debate Enlightenment or cancel culture

    I assume that many of the history sources during the renaissance were revised to exclude any supernatural references that kings often used to describe their bravery during middle ages, because todays books portray it as mad rambling and fairytales. Was this a Christian conspiracy to supress...
  2. OakFieldAlienz444

    Listen to the entire Bible here for free

  3. OakFieldAlienz444

    Tribute Videos---beginning with a beautiful one I created for Annie Oakley

    Feel free to add your own or others tribute videos on this thread!
  4. Classicalfan626

    Pioneer Renaissance Figures

    As promised, my next changing history/alternate history topic is Pioneer Figures of the Renaissance in Europe. As you can see by the dates that these figures are set to live, I have the Renaissance coming into full swing much earlier than in this timeline. Also, the spread of the Renaissance...
  5. Classicalfan626

    New Modern History of Judaism

    Although the description of the forum of this thread is “Timeline shifts and parallel universes. Looking at the past and asking 'What if?'”, indicating that the material here is not how it actually happened, it will be made so. In other words, the fiction written in the following paragraphs will...