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  1. R

    Introduction Thread :)

    Hello. I go by Hera. I am 18 years old. I am here because I am looking for a method of time travel (arent we all, lol). It seems like a pipe dream sometimes but I truly believe that a slight alteration to my own past and a single conversation with my 12-year-old self would change nearly I am...
  2. Exegesis


    hi sorry Im Exegesis I ended up here as i find the mysteries of the Universe rather fascinating.
  3. Mako

    I’m here to discuss mostly about time travel

    As a kid I’ve always loved time travel, I’ve dreamt of it and imagined it. Always wanting it to be real, hoping some traveler themselves would randomly come up to me someday and recruit me. Ive always wanted time travel for my own selfish needs wether it be to fix mistakes I’ve made in...
  4. A


    Greetings. I found this page on my travels of the Internet and thought it was a place where kindred spirits meet. I love studying people, perspectives, and the things with no explanation yet. I'm a lifelong student, a scientist, and a believer. Recently I've quit my decade-odd-long career in...
  5. noxinfinitum

    Hi Everyone!

    My moniker of choice is N.O.X. Infinitum. I'm new to the forum and excited to hear your ideas and participate in discussions. I'm a writer and a visionary. My life's work is to build the Temple of the Archinox, which is a restoration of the ancient Temple of Light to the New Earth. This project...
  6. G


    Well hello there people I am so glad I finally found this community. I have always been interested in paranormal stuff well werewolves and "biga megwa " (also known as the language of magic) I have gone as far as researching the Trobriand island magic and found healing magic or as they call it...
  7. G

    Introduction and thanks

    Hi there. Thanks for accepting my request to join. I am quite interested in time travel and believe it is not only possible but is in fact being used today (but by the rich and famous only). Have read a lot that some have written about it not being possible due to the grandfather paradox, but...