mind control

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    Really weird information on a fake local tv channel dedicated to evil mind control?

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    one of the coolest conspiracy sites ever

    you can just click "next post" and get one new conspiracy after the next. https://mediamonarchy.com/marilyn-monroe-mind-controlled-sex-slave/ https://mediamonarchy.com/immortal-count-saint-germain/ https://mediamonarchy.com/prism-us-surveillance-leaker-edward/...
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    China's new military abilities

    From Knewz: China Developing Mind-Control Weapons for Psychological Warfare: Report Story by Dave Malyon • 17h China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been developing mind-control technology in its bid for military dominance. Knewz.com has learned of this through a report by the research...
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    One of the creepiest videos I've ever watched

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    PlayStation 1 Fearful Harmony May Induce Alien Abduction?

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    Polybius---the video game created by the Men in Black