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  1. Noah_A_S

    Posted Today On The CIA's Website In Regard's To Remote Viewers & Psychics

    Today the CIA posted a statement on their website - admitting that their research on me, and other psychics, had produced 'enough accurate' findings to 'defy randomness'. But what they are not telling you is that they are STILL using intuitives, psychics and remote viewers. @CIA
  2. Antinventor2020

    My experimental zener card setup

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BURNING, INJURIES, OR DEATHS Greetings, my name is Anthony. Recently, I made up a method to guess the zener card correctly. The setup is simple, but one must be careful. You need a crystal ball on stand, candle placed adjacent to the ball, to be inside, the...
  3. Exp

    Accidentally Hurting Someone

    Hey, so, i'm worried i accidentally hurt one of my family members without meaning to. I think it might just be a horrible coincidence, connected to a passing thought a week before, but my grandmother suddenly collapsed in the street and had to be rushed to hospital today. She has blood clots in...
  4. wanda

    Personal experience

    So I'm a little confused. All my life I have been a supernatural Magnet. I had a troubled childhood. Father died at a young age. Mother remarried. Stepfather really wasn't interested in me. Sexually abused by an uncle. As long as I have Waking memories for, they aren't good. Just a lifetime of...