1. Antinventor2020

    My experimental zener card setup

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BURNING, INJURIES, OR DEATHS Greetings, my name is Anthony. Recently, I made up a method to guess the zener card correctly. The setup is simple, but one must be careful. You need a crystal ball on stand, candle placed adjacent to the ball, to be inside, the...
  2. Exp

    Accidentally Hurting Someone

    Hey, so, i'm worried i accidentally hurt one of my family members without meaning to. I think it might just be a horrible coincidence, connected to a passing thought a week before, but my grandmother suddenly collapsed in the street and had to be rushed to hospital today. She has blood clots in...
  3. wanda

    Personal experience

    So I'm a little confused. All my life I have been a supernatural Magnet. I had a troubled childhood. Father died at a young age. Mother remarried. Stepfather really wasn't interested in me. Sexually abused by an uncle. As long as I have Waking memories for, they aren't good. Just a lifetime of...