1. ArthurPandragon

    Betyls and other aerolites

    Hi everyone! One subject intrigues me more and more: betyls, i.e. those black stones supposedly of meteoritic origin that have become objects of worship. One of the most famous is the Black Stone at the heart of the Kaaba, thus at the center of the main pilgrimage of Islam. However, I have...
  2. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Starting A Journey As An Angelologist

    Angelology is like paleontology or biology, but is in the study of angels. Using the scientific method to compare results has proven for centuries the reality of angels among us. Article Link: Angelologist Anthony Giarrusso
  3. EliteGamer

    Allah and the cosmos.

    Nice series to watch
  4. Beholder

    Debate Should I found the church of Dibism?

    For people who don't like sharing, call dibs on things and shout "don't touch my stuff!", while hoarding the last office supplies at work. Followers need to have their own toiled both at home and at work, enforced as your religious right whenever applicable. The religion values privacy...
  5. PoisonApple

    24 theologists worked with NASA to examine how religions would react to aliens

    A religious leader and doctor in the United Kingdom is getting international attention after revealing he and other faith leaders worked with NASA to examine how religions would react to finding alien life. Read more...
  6. OakFieldAlienz444

    Listen to the entire Bible here for free


    Religion versus science

    For a long time I have heard atheists claim that God is not real and that I worship an imaginary man. Well, there has long been a war. It is religion versus science. However, here for the first time, I see a scientist claiming that religion damages science. Dawkins: Religion Holds Back Science...