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    Letter from someone named Shawn an apparent roswell witness

    The letter comes from a person named Shawn (last name is censored) from Texas who claims to be the son of a military witness to the Roswell Incident. It begins, “A friend gave me your address and said you want to hear from family members of military men who witnessed anything related to flying...
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    Article claims true Roswell crash was happened in June 1946 not July 1947
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    Very old UFO and ET encounters may prove authenticity of genuine space aliens

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    UFO encounters of the roaring twenties? UFOS DID NOT BEGIN WITH ROSWELL
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    Although it's a creepypasta there is an overlaying layer of a certain amount of truth in this video I believe. Consider "Chaos Magic" and the Slenderman sightings.
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    Former assistant to Einstein claims the infamous scientist examined alien spaceship from ROSWELL CRASH
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    THE ROSWELL ROCK. Thoughts?

    There were tests done on this thing. I remember Roger Leir on a program on Amazon Prime talked about it. It was determined to come from space and indeed was found near Roswell.
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    Lt. Walter Haut vocal statement backs up affidavit that skeptics tried to dismiss. Only released now.

    While not the most impressive testimonial----why is this only coming out now? Alongside all this UFO stuff. Interesting. One thing I will say----this guy is clearly not making anything up. Why would he forget most of the details if he was making up an extravagant story? Whatever he saw---he...
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    This American Dad fanfic that I wrote explains Roswell quite well

    The Night Before WTF Happened at Roswell, an american dad fanfic | FanFiction
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    If aliens DID indeed crash land in Roswell, here's reasons to believe

    Brig. General Arthur E. Exon People like to pretend only Lt. Corso saw anything, not true, I also hear all the time on alien shows that Corso was the highest ranking dude to talk about Roswell. BS. I refer you to: 2002 SEALED AFFIDAVIT OF WALTER G. HAUT DATE: December...