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  1. OakFieldAlienz444

    Retired NAVY Chief Claims he knows where the "bodies" are
  2. OakFieldAlienz444

    This stuff should not be classified

    Us foodies have a right and inherent "need to know"
  3. OakFieldAlienz444

    Pope's Exorcist says Satan is in the Vatican---and more Vatican secrets!
  4. OakFieldAlienz444

    What do people here make of the Majestic Documents? Faked by the Soviet Union? Faked by the CIA? Or Real? One thing that is super funny is the SUPER SECRET ALIEN DOCUMENTS! NOW AVAILIBLE ON AMAZON PRIME! almost made me burst out laughing
  5. OakFieldAlienz444

    Things you can learn about the Montauk Project
  6. OakFieldAlienz444

    ORIGINAL CSETI CROP CIRCLE TONES!!!!! With electromagnetic distortion from alien activity